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B2G/QA/Sessions/Screen Orientation App Manifest Property (08/21/2012)

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  • Explore different combinations of the screen orientation property in the app manifest

Good News

  • Portrait mode works as expected for screen orientation properly
  • Portrait Primary mode works as expected for screen orientation properly
  • Landscape Primary mode works as expected for screen orientation properly
  • Portrait Secondary mode works as expected for screen orientation properly
  • Portrait mode - Works as expected
  • Landscape mode - Works as expected

Issues (Informal)

  • Network activity bar isn't moving in browser
  • Graphics layout issue on settings - missing UI
  • testmanifest.com text areas still don't render
  • Installing a web app from the browser - no sense of confirmation, not sent to homescreen to see app installed
  • Hard pressing an installed app to point of shaking icons on homescreen - icon disappears for web app
  • The prompt on uninstall for a web app still does not have the right text
  • Immediate launching of the testmanifest.com web app forces the keyboard to appear
  • Incorrect naming in property as "portrait-sec" or "portr" - No error thrown, locks orientation as portrait primary, app could be installed
  • Hitting enter after my password is inputed for wireless - does not close keyboard
  • Homescreen appears on card view - this shouldn't be there
  • Card view as gaping holes in the cards after installing and launching some apps
  • Static is occasionally when clicking an app icon
  • Notification bar - bluetooth shown to be enabled by default (colored), even though it's disabled in settings
  • Prompt request made on the browser can take foreground on a different web app
  • Portrait-primary, landscape-primary - second property isn't taken into account
  • Page failing to load - need to be more descriptive than a sad face
  • Shaking the phone while loading a page in the browser crashes the phone (screen orientation?)
  • Install app with weak connection - icon comes up as a placeholder empty square with the doc sheet
  • Screen orientation with illegal chars in the middle of a two property spec - ignored, defaults to portrait-primary

Actual Bugs Logged

Not Tested Due to Existing Bugs

  • Portrait-primary, portrait-secondary
  • portrait, landscape-primary
  • portrait, landscape
  • portrait-primary, landscape-primary, landscape-secondary
  • portrait-primary, landscape-primary, <illegal chars> landscape-secondary
  • portrait-primary, landscape-primary, portrait-secondary, landscape-secondary