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  • Download the aries.zip file from here:
    • Engineers : latest Engineering builds should be used for engineers
    • Everyone else : Dogfood build : Base build should be used for Dogfooders


Channel settings can be found in Settings -> Developer. In order to see the Developer submenu if you do not see it, you will need to turn on the developer setting in Settings -> Device Information -> More Information.

  • dogfood : QA tested and approved builds gecko/gaia OTA build
  • dogfood-test : staging for QA testers to test the build to verify that we can OTA from a build
  • dogfood-latest : QA has not tested this, the raw OTA gecko/gaia latest builds from Mozilla-Central

Information in regards to the latest news on the channels can be found here.


  • b2g util for checking b2g versions, backing up and restoring profiles, resetting the phone and more
  • [file:flash.bat]


Full Flash

  1. Make sure you have the prereq items installed. Python and github is not needed if you are not going to use the b2g-utl-python tool
  2. download the appropriate builds
  3. unzip the aries.zip file
  4. download the flash script
  5. place the flash script in the b2g-distros
  6. plug the phone into the computer
  7. make sure that the device is set to allow adb access ( Settings -> developer -> ADB only )
  8. make sure the phone is on and not screenlocked
  9. run flash_win.bat
  10. after the device reboots, go through the FTU.
  11. set the appropriate channel. Default is the dogfood channel which should be the appropriate for most foxfooders.


The device if set to dogfood channel or dogfood-latest channel should automatically detect updates every day.

Force OTA check

  1. go to settings -> device information
  2. select Check for Updates button