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Tasks for Contributors

Verifying Important Bug Fixes

Mentors: Matt Brandt, John Hammink

  1. Find a bug you would like to verify in this bug query: https://github.com/mozilla-b2g/gaia/issues?labels=blocking-basecamp%2B%2Cresolved&page=1&state=closed
  2. Carefully read over the bug and make sure you understand what the problem is, the expected results, and the actual results from an end-user's perspective.
  3. Try to reproduce the bug on the nightly B2G build where the bug occurred.
  4. Drop a comment on the bug indicating the results of your testing. Mention what build you verified it with, the Git commit hash, how you verified it, and change the label from Resolved to Verified. If the verification fails, provide an explanation of why, and ask if the bug should be reopened or a new bug should be filed.
  5. We'll work with you from there.

If you need help, please join the #b2g channel on irc.mozilla.org and ask for help.