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B2G Device Storage API Test Plan


Lead David Calrke (irc: onecyrenus)
Contributors TBD
API Description API for gaining access to device storage. The API
API Developer Doug Turner
API Project Page Device Storage
Current Bugs Being Tracked bug 777259, bug 777101, bug 777084, bug 777078, bug 752724, bug 774368
API Status Delivered and ready for test


This test plan covers functional testing of the Device Storage API as delivered for Boot2Gecko. It does not attempt to cover performance, security, or other kinds of testing at this time.


Mochitests, these are all backend operations, and functional testing should be able to pick up on basic regressions, which is what we are attempting to devlier for V1.


DeviceStorage API is relatively simple, and is defined as part of the nsIDOMDeviceStorage

The ability to get specific storage locations based upon the sdcard, and both read / write to the sdcard is generally what is covered in the V1 of the testplan.

The next round should involve some amount of performance testing, and or further testing off edge cases of the api.

However most of these tests are non device specific and should run similarly on a mochitest run on a linux desktop.

Currently the DeviceStorage API is documented on

deviceStorage (unofficial)


  • add(Blob blob)
  • addNamed(Blob blob, DOMString name)
  • get(DOMString name)
  • getEditable(DOMString name)
  • delete(DOMString name)
  • DeviceStorageCursor enumerate(optional DOMString directory)
  • DeviceStorageCursor enumerateEditable(optional DOMString directory)


EnumerateEditable doesn't seem to be implemented. enumerate elements seem to be able to be edited ?



  • Basic Test is documented in.
  • Bug777970
  • Purpose of this test is to verify both read / write capability to sdcards Music / Movies / Photos.
  • Generally this is what I would consider a good first pass, the next step will be to modify the b2g mochitest runner to make it more reliable.

Mochitest Runner

  • Mochitests all don't pass or some hang.
  • Mochitests no error / success output.
  • Mochitests on b2g don't run anywhere.
  • Mochitest framework improvements for reliability.

This page is based on the WebAPI Test Plan Template