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You've got yourself a spiffy new phone. Let's get started!

Quick start by video

To quickly get up and running, watch these two videos:

First time setup

  • Insert your own SIM card or use a Prepaid SIM. Flip over your phone, pop off the back and remove the battery (notch on the bottom left can help). Insert your SIM card into the slot to the top-left of the battery compartment (when it's in all the way, it'll be flush with the top of the battery compartment). One more thing, write down the asset tag number on your phone (it's behind the battery). Put your phone back together.
  • Turn on the phone: Power button is top right. Press-and-hold until the phone vibrates. Observe the pretty boot-up sequence.
  • Once you have your phone on (and if you're eagle-eyed when it's off), you'll notice 4 light-up buttons along the bottom. Only the home button is actually a Firefox OS button. The rest are essentially legacy buttons from Android and don't work. You can ignore those.
  • From the main home screen you swipe right (pulling a page from the left) to access everything.me -- this is a bunch of web apps that may work out of the box. This should give you lots to play with.
  • From the main home screen swipe left (pulling in from the right) to access screens of app icons. Including the all-important settings app.
  • From the very top edge of any screen, swipe down to access notifications, turn on/off wifi/sync/bluetooth etc.
  • Setting up Wi-Fi: Swipe left to view Settings. Tap on Settings > Network & Connectivity > Wi-Fi. You may need to click "Search again" to have wifi networks show up. If you're at a Mozilla Space, connect to the "Mozilla Guest" network for now. We're working on supporting the "Mozilla" network. [Myk, 2012-10-23: I was able to connect to Mozilla-G in SF via my LDAP credentials. (Gene 2012-10-25 Me too)]

Make the phone your own

  • Import contacts. Open the contacts app, click the gear icon in the top right and select import from Facebook.
  • Set up email. Open the email app, follow the instructions (there are a few bugs here so I can't give specific instructions.)
  • Reorder your icons. From any app/icon page (swipe left from home screen). Tap and hold on any icon until they pulse. Then rearrange. Use the home button to "OK" a new arrangement.
  • Choose a wallpaper. From the Gallery, tap the image, tap the share button (looks like <), tap Wallpaper, tap Set as Wallpaper.

Dogfooding basics

Dogfooding is easy: just use the phone, try new things, tinker, play, and try to break stuff. Here are some tips/tricks to make sure we learn as much as we can from your dogfooding. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Leave feedback often. You have a feedback app on the phone. It's the pen icon in the bottom bar. You may have swipe left to see it. Your asset tag should be in the CONTACT field, if it is not, then please enter it (it's under the battery and also written in marker on your phone's box). That way it's there the next time you want to give feedback. Have more to say? Use the Feedback Site and be sure to provide your asset tag when leaving feedback on the site.
  • Take screenshots of issues. Creating screenshots is easy. Just hold the home button and click the power button. To get the screenshots out, simply connect the phone to your laptop, and mount as a USB device (or come find one of the B2G Ambassadors and we'll help you out).
  • Restart when stuck. Phone stuck? It happens. Take a screenshot if you can. Then pull out the battery wait a few seconds and reboot your phone. Please leave feedback with as detailed instructions as you can on how you got to that state so we can troubleshoot the problem.
  • Reflash when all else fails. Major problems? You may need to reflash your phone. Come find someone in IT or a B2G Ambassador and we'll get it up and running quickly.
  • File bugs (if you really want to). The easiest way to provide feedback is using the Feedback and we'll file bugs for issues that are reported. If you wish to file bugs though, you can do so using this B2G Unagi Bugzilla template.