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Just got your device?
Head over to our Getting Started guide to learn the basics. You'll be dogfooding in no time.

Get Involved in the B2G Test Drivers Program!

This program is limited to employees & contractors at present. We'll need a diverse group of Mozillians (not just engineers) to join the program. We'll have some loaner phones for participants and paid contributors will be able to be reimbursed for either prepaid SIM cards to use in the devices OR for a portion of their monthly phone bill during the test period more info.

As a B2G Test Driver Program participant, you'll be expected to

  • test daily (or nearly daily, we understand there's other Mozilla work to be done) - check your email, make phone calls, send text messages, use the default apps, etc.
  • send us feedback through our super-easy Feedback Form (contact email is optional but appreciated for issues where steps to reproduce exist)
  • file bugs you run into with this template (http://mzl.la/testerBug if you want to share that link)
  • participate on the mailing list - does today's build feel faster than last week's? Are any bugs you were hitting gone? Any ideas for tests to add to daily testing?
  • have a good time! this is cutting edge Mozilla software, and it's amazing for us all to have the opportunity to help make it awesome.

After being added to the program, you'll get announcement emails from the b2g-test-drivers@mozilla.org mailing list.

A List of Helpful Documents

You'll probably want to bookmark these, also feel free to add more if you make/find some.

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