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"How do I go about expensing this prepaid SIM/monthly $30 refill or the portion of my phone bill since I'm using my own SIM in B2G testing?"

IF Expensing $30 of your monthly phone bill

  • Grab the summary of your monthly phone bill either through scanning to pdf, saving from your mobile provider online account, or taking a picture of it with your phone

Monthly bill example.png

IF Expensing a prepaid SIM card (and monthly refills)

  • Take a picture/screenshot, or save your order receipt

Prepaid bill example.png

Next Steps

  • Submit this to Shoeboxed as you would with a regular expense (must be a paid contributor to do this)
  • When emailing bill.com with this expense report, put [B2G Testing] in the subject line so that our finance team can put this in the right bucket
  • When you are called upon by Bill.com to self-approve your expenses you should be able indicate "B2G Testing" in the Notes section in bill.com and Accounting will code it correctly