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Creating a BMO Development System using Docker

Getting Bugzilla, as well as the latest code that is used by, installed and running locally in order to make changes, fix bugs, etc. is not the easiest thing for every one to do. Especially if you are not familiar with Linux systems, the Perl programming language, or installing all of the many CPAN module dependencies needed for Bugzilla to work properly. This Developer Box is designed to help people to be able to get up and running quickly and easily by providing a ready to run Docker container that should work on most platforms.

First you will need to check the latest BMO source code from into a local directory and change into the contrib/docker directory.

 $ git clone docker-bugzilla
 $ cd docker-bugzilla/docker

For instructions on how to get your platform setup to run Docker as well as information on how to start the container, see the file in the current directory.