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Things You Really Should Do

  1. In Firefox, right-click the search box in the Bugzilla header, click "Add a Keyword for this Search..." and add the keyword "bug". Then you can type "bug XXXXXX" or "bug <search terms>" in your URL bar.
  2. Enter your Real Name in the Preferences as "Joe Public [:ircnick]". This allows people to simply type :ircnick in Assignment and CC fields and narrow it down to you.
  3. Watch Bugzilla for Humans.

Things You Might Want To Do

  1. Read the Quicksearch Reference if you search Bugzilla a lot.
  2. Watch Beltzner Does Quicksearch to see a demo of Quicksearch.
  3. Turn on HTML Email in the Preferences.
  4. Install the BugzillaJS Firefox addon.

Things Not To Do

  1. Create a new account when you get a new email address. Instead, just change your email address in the preferences.