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Editing Bugzilla comments: a guide


In 2019 we enabled comment editing on Bugzilla.

If you are a member of the editbugs group, or a staff member, you’re able to edit your own comments.

The location of the edit comment button on the comment tool bar (first on the left)

There are a few Mozillians: the Bugzilla admins, security team members, and community managers who can edit any comment. That ability is there so that we can respond to comments that affect the safety, security, and privacy of others.

With this ability, we expect you to use it considerately and wisely, regardless of if you can only edit your own comments or those of others.


Do edit your own comments to fix typos and spelling

This is the main purpose of the comment editing feature.

Do not edit a comment to change its interpretation

Editing your own comment to change how a reader would interpret it, especially after another person added a comment is unacceptable and would be reviewed under our community participation guidelines (CPG.)

Similarly, editing someone else’s comment to change how someone would react to it is also wrong and would prompt CPG review.

Editing for clarification, or removing your own personally identifiable information or passwords and access keys is fine.

Do not edit to reverse your position or cover up mistakes

We are an organization that works in the open, covering up mistakes undermines the work of all Mozillians.

Do not edit other peoples’ typos and spelling

It’s weird and intrusive. If they have the ability to edit their own comments, let them fix it.

Threats, abuse, and harmful content

If a comment contains something that would endanger the privacy, or security of another user, and if you can edit other peoples’ comments, do edit the comment (making sure hide edit history is enabled.)

Example of this would be personally identifiable information (passwords, street addresses, government ID numbers, health insurance IDs, and so forth.)

Don’t edit comments containing threats, abuse, or other violations of our Community Participation Guidelines, tag them.

Tag the comment abuse.

It will be hidden from other users and someone from the Bugzilla moderation team will respond.