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• mcote is experimenting with 1.7 and v. 2 of reviewboard

• thoughts on spammers and building in some extra controls to alleviate that

• new hire will be doing some work on upstreaming extensions & features

• dkl talks about his api work. change notification history you have to do 3 calls to find out what changed, when you see that a bug changes. attachments, comments, and history. we need a unified way of doing that.

• saw demo last week for eric's ember.js front end. it should be open by end of next week.

• work on pulse continues and will be more of a priority next quarter

• kyle is planning to give a presentation on his elastic search project and it will be recorded.

• kendall - small outage coming up on saturday, scl3 will be dark from 9pacific to 4 or 5pm pacific. 8 hour window to replace some things. 2 hours beforehand, failing over bugzilla to phoenix. dkl will be on call and kendall will make sure we also have a dba (probably sheeri) mcote mentions we have some cron scripts that need to be switched over.