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  • user survey bug 1339290
    • Marketing team will build survey during Vancouver work week (this week)
    • working with mwarther and Lifecycle Marketing to get survey sent and tracked
  • reduce time spent developing user forms
    • Q1 time spent thus far: 2

Project Updates

  • Modal View, bug 1150541
    • one last bug in review, deploy on 2/22
    • tab order may need to be updated, but it's not a blocker
    • get a review from Marco, dkl to draft post/email
  • Elasticsearch, bug 1307485
    • incremental speed increase for substring searches
    • will do future work on quick search to get faster (':' means 'anywords')
    • bug for bug compatible with MySQL searches
    • waiting for current set of reviews
    • associated bug for memory on one of the webheads is now linked
  • Emoji/utf8mb4, bug 1253535
    • no changes
    • check if we can ask MySQL server if it supports the features we need at the time we a commit push

What Are We Working on This Week?

  •  :emceeaich: survey, talking to servo/stylo about regressions, bugzilla training, lwt summit talk, web extensions
  • dylan: Responding to any ES review feedback on bug 1307485. I'm also going to fix bug 1216300 which is a continual pain point when people encounter errors.


Other Updates

Web Hooks

Can this be done by a contractor or intern?

That depends on if we have budget. There's no shortage of places we could ask for quotes... It's the wrong time of the year to ask for interns though. --Dylanwh (talk) 07:51, 21 February 2017 (PST)


Ideas for projects

  • Due the 22nd
  • Mobile-first bugzilla
  • Web hooks work (if not a contractor)
  •  ?