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This section is for items that we want to track/discuss on a weekly basis.

  • OKR: reduce time spent developing user forms
    • Q2 time spent thus far: 0


  • Rubén Martin Participation Survey bug 1357068
    • Need to compare their data with what we used in our survey to filter dupes
  • Review Histories dump {{bug|1357163}
  • Sanitized data dump for testing and dev bug 1356819
  • OKR: user survey bug 1339290
    • Really, will have a document done today, main bullets
    • Users want faster search
    • Users love needinfo
    • Want code review outside bmo
  • GSoC (waiting)
  • Outreachy
  • Turning off Themes
    • Turn off preference May 15
    • Write communication announcing when and why
    • Theming adds complexity at all levels
    • Upstream is turning themes off.



  • Cloud Ops migration
    • Waiting for answer for project management resources
    • Performance and component/version data gathering, bug 1339516
      • Bug has been updated by w0ts0n; ckolos needs to review
    • Discussed bug 1357600. All issues resolved or at least explained.