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Planning a BMO Outage

Steps that need to be taken to push an update to bmo that requires an outage (such as a schema change).

  1. Decide on an approximate time
    • Chat with IT (fox2mike/ashish) to get a rough time
    • For short outages (less than 30 minutes), Sunday nights PST are generally good. Note this falls in the middle of the day for the NZ office.
    • for longer outages, saturday night PST is preferred
  2. Determine an approx outage duration
    • This step should be performed when there aren't any schedule pushes between now and the proposed outage date
    • Commit the changes but don't update the current-staging tag
    • Ask for a manual update to bugzilla-stage with 'time' to measure duration
    • (this may change if the automatic update script is updated to include timings)
  3. File a push/outage web-ops bug
    • Include outage date/time and approx duration
    • Indicate that checksetup needs to be run
    • Indicate if any other scripts need to be manually run
  4. Update announce_html
    • announce_html template:
<div style="background-color:#fff9db;color:#666458;padding:5px">
<b>Scheduled Outage, December 4th, 2011 @ 7:30pm PST</b>. will be unavailable for no more than
<i>30 minutes</i> to perform upgrades and maintenance.