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  • bug 1100942 Attachment links in request.cgi should go to the attachment and not default to &action=edit
  • bug 1101659 Remove curtisk from the auto-cc of the sec portion of the moz project review
  • bug 1102420 Remove "Firefox Screen Sharing Whitelist Submission" link from new-bug page
  • bug 1103069 Please fix the colo-trip field for Infrastructure and Operations :: DCops
  • bug 1102229 custom css stylesheets are not loaded if CONCATENATE_ASSETS is false
  • bug 1103837 Clicking on a "Bug Bounty" attachment should edit that attachment with the bug-bounty form


  • bug 1096565 GET REST calls should allow arbitrary URL parameters to be passed in addition the values in the path
  • bug 1097813 causes error when using simple token auth and specifying 'token' instead of 'Bugzilla_token'
  • bug 1036802 Requests to the native rest/bzapi endpoints with gzip encoding always result in HTTP/200 responses
  • bug 1097382 OS sniffing should detect Windows 10 from "Windows NT 6.4" instead of detecting Windows NT
  • bug 1098956 remove autoland support
  • bug 1100368 css concatenation breaks data: urls


  • bug 1094902 needinfo canceled or requested email end with @@body-headers@@
  • bug 1067619 Pulse is not notified of changes to attachment flags
  • bug 1089805 BzAPI compatibility layer returns HTTP 200 when a bug update failed
  • bug 1096318 Restricting a bug's visibility does not delete any associated MozReview review requests


  • bug 1090175 Backport upstream bug 1083258 (fix single value select elements)
  • bug 1088253 GET REST calls should allow arbitrary URL parameters to be passed in addition the values in the path
  • bug 1092037 backport bug 1062739 to bmo (add the ability for administrators to limit the number of emails sent to a user per minute and hour)
  • bug 1092949 bugmail failing with "utf8 "\x82" does not map to Unicode at /usr/lib64/perl5/ line 174"
  • bug 1090427 Backport bug 713926 to bmo/4.2 to protect against csrf for login forms
  • bug 1091149 Use of uninitialized value in string ne warnings from BugmailFilter extensiom
  • bug 1083876 create a bugzilla template for whitelist applications
  • bug 1093450 Sort by vote isn't sorting correctly