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  • bug 1122269 no longer have access to
  • bug 1119184 Securemail incorrectly displays " You will have to contact bugzilla-admin@foo to reset your password." for whines
  • bug 1122565 editversions.cgi should focus the version field on page load to cut down on need for mouse
  • bug 1124254 More changes to default NEEDINFO
  • bug 1119988 disabled accounts causes invalid/incomplete bugs to be created
  • bug 616197 Wrap long bug summaries in dependency graphs, to avoid horizontal scrolling
  • bug 1117345 Can't choose a resolution when trying to resolve a bug (with canconfirm rights)
  • bug 1125320 Two new questions
  • bug 1121594 Mozilla Recruiting Requisition Opening Process Template
  • bug 1124437 Backport upstream bug 1090275 to bmo/4.2 to whitelist webservice api methods
  • bug 1124432 Backport upstream bug 1079065 to bmo/4.2 to fix improper use of open() calls


  • bug 1118231 Link to WebOps form missing from Infrastructure & Operations bug-entry form
  • bug 1118401 Use https:// for linkification of CVEs and VCS-related output
  • bug 1077510 Check a Vagrant/Docker project file (excl DB content) into the Bugzilla repo
  • bug 1089475 Use "ThrowCodeError" when a database error occurs instead of dumping a stack trace
  • bug 1108685 describecomponents.cgi?product=X shouldn't list default assignee if it's "nobody"
  • bug 1119114 bzapi/configuration returns empty flag_types if no bug or attachment flag types are defined
  • bug 1118724 Private comments on public bugs are sent unencrypted by email
  • bug 1119443 Docker's doesn't have similar bug status settings
  • bug 1119804 Docker's should add missing INCOMPLETE resolution
  • bug 1108805 Creation of new data compliance bug
  • bug 1119977 Changes to default NEEDINFO
  • bug 1078099 Clarify notes on createaccount.cgi


  • bug 1027903 Please create a WebOps Request Form in Bugzilla
  • bug 1113630 Set window.opener to null for the URL field to prevent interaction between a remote script and the bug report
  • bug 696726 automatically create "watch users" for components
  • bug 1117246 X-Bugzilla- headers included in bugmail message-body aren't grayed out in review/needinfo request emails, in Thunderbird, due to lack of a space after "--" separator
  • bug 1050232 Improve layout of guided bug entry product selection
  • bug 1117599 CVE ID format change: CVE-\d{4}-\d{4} becomes CVE-\d{4}-\d{4,} this year