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  • bug 1088086 Possible duplicate search doesn't return any results if you input "a->b" (for any a/b)
  • bug 1102364 Add microdata to HTML bugmail so GMail can display a "View bug" button
  • bug 1130721 Implement support for the attachment author for pronoun substitution in Custom Search
  • bug 1123275 Changes to form.reps.mentorship


  • bug 1131622 update the description of the "Any other issue" option on the itrequest form
  • bug 1124810 Searching for '---' in Simple Search causes a SQL error
  • bug 1111343 Wrapping of table-header when sorting with "Mozilla" skin
  • bug 1130590 Changes to the new data compliance bug form
  • bug 1108816 Project kickoff form, changes to privacy review
  • bug 1120048 Strange formatting on inline URLs
  • bug 1118987 create a new bug form for discourse issues (based on


  • bug 1129291 Gear form is returning an error
  • bug 1128969 'Clone this bug' redirects to product selection instead of displaying context menu
  • bug 1124255 Need a way to find only active versions and target milestones using the API
  • bug 1129283 "suggested reviewers" missing, due to missing YAHOO.widget.Menu
  • bug 1129183 500 internal server error with duplicate mentor field
  • bug 1129101 Custom integer field breaks "Change many bugs at once" functionality
  • bug 813630 Last resolved time is displayed in server timezone not as per user preferences
  • bug 1129915 Promote 'Firefox for iOS' to the main 'file a bug' page
  • bug 1130895 Bugzilla comment tags suggestions/autocomplete isn't working
  • bug 1131036 API searches no longer working
  • bug 1130885 change itrequest form from Operations to Infrastructure & Operations :: MOC: Service Requests


  • bug 1050639 Refresh bugzilla-dev database
  • bug 1126315 Add rewrite rule to htaccess to properly map BzAPI requests to the BzAPI compatibility extension path
  • bug 1100382 support jquery in the global/header template, and update the header and footer to use jquery
  • bug 1127282 The bug_mentor quicksearch field is impossible to guess
  • bug 1059419 Needinfo-ing a mentor doesnt work
  • bug 1045145 All authenticated WebServices methods should require username/pass, token or a valid API key for authentication
  • bug 1124626 Highlight the comment that was linked
  • bug 1106121 Create a Bugzilla form for Firefox costume requests
  • bug 1123769 add a "rank" field to bugzilla to track priority
  • bug 1050226 Offer web devs a more focused set of product/components to file bugs in
  • bug 1128401 user-menu down-drop arrows are miss-aligned
  • bug 1088082 Can't see non-comment changes after comment #0 until comment #1 appears if using description + newest to oldest comment sorting