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  • bug 1146806 "new bug" menu has literal "…" instead of a horizontal ellipsis
  • bug 1146360 remove the winqual bug entry form
  • bug 1147267 the firefox "iteration" and "points" fields are visible on all products
  • bug 1146886 after publishing a review with splinter, the 'edit' mode doesn't work
  • bug 1138767 retry and/or avoid push_notify deadlocks
  • bug 1147550 Require a user to change their password if they log in and their current password does not meet the password complexity rules
  • bug 1147738 the "Rank" field label is visible when editing, even if the field itself isn't
  • bug 1147740 map format=default to format=__default__
  • bug 1146762 honour gravatar visibility preference
  • bug 1146910 Button styles are inconsistent and too plentiful
  • bug 1146906 remove background gradient from assignee and reporter changes
  • bug 1125987 asking for review in a restricted bug doesn't work as expected ("You must provide a reviewer for review requests" instead of "That user cannot access that bug" error)
  • bug 1149017 differentiate between the bug's short-desc and the bug's status summary in the header
  • bug 1149026 comment/activity buttons are not top-aligned
  • bug 1141770 fails if the two accounts have accessed the same bug and is in the bug_interest table
  • bug 972040 For bugs filed against Trunk, automatically set 'affected' release-tracking flags
  • bug 1149233 Viewing a bug with timetracking information fails: file error - formattimeunit: not found
  • bug 1149390 "duplicates" are missing from the modal view
  • bug 1149038 renaming a tracking flag isn't clearing a memcached cache, resulting in Can't locate object method "cf_status_thunderbird_esr39" via package "Bugzilla::Bug" errors


  • bug 1145502 cf_crash_signature missing in fresh BMO install
  • bug 1145689 Adding "Content Services" into Key Initiatives
  • bug 1146219 the 'abuse' comment tag should function like the 'abusive' tag and trigger automatic account disabling
  • bug 1141165 Enforce mandatory field on form.reps.mentorship
  • bug 1146434 renaming of "Distribution/Bundling" component broke one of the project kickoff form's sub-bugs
  • bug 1096798 prototype modal show_bug view


  • bug 1139872 The URL in bugmail microdata has the '#' URI encoded, causing the links to break
  • bug 1140764 "suggested reviewers" menu overflows from visible area if there are many reviewers.
  • bug 1141440 OPTION response for CORS requests to REST doesn't allow X-Bugzilla headers
  • bug 1143160 A review comment on bug 1131776 breaks splinter
  • bug 1141452 Adjustment on the project flags (blocking-b2g and tracking-b2g)
  • bug 1142399 invalid xmlrpc requests warns: Use of uninitialized value $file in substitution (s///) (Bugzilla/WebService/Server/
  • bug 1132963 Automatically detect and redirect to Google doc URLs (akin to github-pr and rb handling)
  • bug 1143536 product dashboard doesn't honour product visibility
  • bug 1143753 Update to Mozilla Recruiting Requisition Opening Process Template


  • bug 1138541 Updating lists on Gear Request form
  • bug 1137368 Allow the bug's assignee to edit attachment fields, even if they do not have editbugs
  • bug 1102428 Custom field for MozReview link, with dynamic info
  • bug 1139939 "BadResponse: 'Location' header missing from 201 Created response" when commenting with bztools
  • bug 1140203 Component name adjustment 'Marketplace:Pre-Installed Apps'
  • bug 1140966 allow cookie+api-token GET REST requests
  • bug 1140458 Allow API authentication with X-Headers
  • bug 1140234 extend review/flag_activity to allow filtering by status and bug_id
  • bug 1140798 Possible client side code injection in "suggested reviewers" menu.
  • bug 1140049 Add a note about MozReview to the Create Attachment page
  • bug 1140215 3rd Party Applications Issue Form
  • bug 1137080 add an indicator to the user profile page if the user has canconfirm or editbugs rights
  • bug 1003701 add the ability for users to prevent review/feedback/needinfo requests
  • bug 1139749 Bugzilla shouldn't try to write API tokens into the shadow DB
  • bug 1139872 The URL in bugmail microdata has the '#' URI encoded, causing the links to break


  • bug 1134392 Need edits to Recruiting Component
  • bug 1136222 Adding "Rank" to Product:Core Component: webRTC, webRTC: Audio/Video, webRTC: Signaling, webRTC: Networking
  • bug 1136687 form.reps.mentorship calls an invalid method (Can't locate object method "realname" via package "Bugzilla::User")
  • bug 1108823 removing the privacy review bug
  • bug 1136979 Minor Brand Initiation Form Updates
  • bug 880552 Add links to socorro from the crash signatures in show_bug.cgi
  • bug 1134765 Report for recruiting data