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  • bug 1157113 Argument "" isn't numeric in numeric eq (==) at Bugzilla/Extension/TrackingFlags/ line 406
  • bug 1157395 CSRF in log in form
  • bug 1149659 crash signature not linking to signature summary on socorro
  • bug 1153102 add hooks for bug bounty display and form
  • bug 1154026 Pre-fill Bounty Attachment form fields for e.g. date and reporter


  • bug 1157095 bug-modal should treat "unspecific" platform values as unset
  • bug 1157124 don't report sql search errors to senty


  • bug 1113375 Make changes to MDN's feature request form
  • bug 579089 Change default Hardware / OS values to be "Unspecified/Unspecified"
  • bug 1154730 rewrite product/component searching to use jquery-ui instead of yui
  • bug 1155528 stop linking bzr commit messages to's loggerhead
  • bug 1155869 Ctrl+e is consumed by Edit button and cursor doesn't move to the end of the line.
  • bug 880227 Install of Bugzilla DBI module fails due to not being available


  • bug 1152160 "take" button doesn't update the ui, so it looks like nothing happened
  • bug 1152163 passing an invalid bug id to the multiple bug format triggers: Can't call method "name" on an undefined value
  • bug 1152167 "powered by" logo requests fails: it sets the assignee to dboswell
  • bug 1150448 Replace the newline with " - " when the bug's id and summary are copied
  • bug 1152368 BUGZILLA_VERSION in Bugzill::Constants causes error when installing Perl deps for new BMO installation
  • bug 1090493 Allow ComponentWatching extension to work on either bmo/4.2 or upstream 5.0+
  • bug 1152662 user story text should wrap
  • bug 1152818 changing an assignee to or any .bugs address should automatically reset the status from ASSIGNED to NEW
  • bug 1149406 "project flags" label is visible even if there aren't any project flags
  • bug 1031035 xmlrpc can be DoS'd with billion laughs attack
  • bug 1152118 Shortcut for editing gets triggered even when "ctrl" and "e" are not pressed at the same time
  • bug 1152360 Add parameter to that generates a cpanfile usable by utilities such as cpanm for installing Perl dependencies
  • bug 1148490 Custom Budget Request form for FSA program
  • bug 1154098 Unable to add mentors to bugs
  • bug 1146767 update relative dates without refreshing the page
  • bug 1153103 add hooks for legal product disclaimer


  • bug 1118365 Write extension to use GitHub for Authentication
  • bug 1150965 "Due Date" field for the Mozilla Metrics queue
  • bug 1151592 Typo on custom recruiting form
  • bug 1149879 bug-modal's editmode is broken for users without editbugs (Form field dup_id was not defined)
  • bug 1146960 replace the version number on bmo with a build number
  • bug 1149796 "Reset Assignee to default" and "Reset QA Contact to default" options missing when changing a bug's component
  • bug 1149438 keyboard shortcut (hotkey) for "Edit" button
  • bug 1146760 cannot add other people to the cc list
  • bug 1150074 when a person blocks needinfo? requests, it prevents comments on a bug when there is an existing ni? request


  • bug 1149440 "Can't call method "assigned_to" without a package or object reference" error updating bug when "After changing a bug" is set to "Show next bug in my list"
  • bug 1147292 automatic CC when commenting isn't implemented
  • bug 1146777 use lightbox for images
  • bug 1149881 unable to + a bug-level flag which was set by another user
  • bug 1150002 updating a bug clears the requestee of needinfo requests
  • bug 1150057 partial user matching is no longer working on review flags