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  • bug 1168900 "Can't call method "id" on unblessed reference" when changing component for a bug
  • bug 1168790 "End this group of criteria" under Custom Search is broken for query.cgi
  • bug 1168751 Request nagger sends me ginormous emails because I have a lot of outgoing requests
  • bug 1168826 only include requests someone is waiting on in the manager's "watching" emails


  • bug 1168357 Unable to reset mentor in modal bug view
  • bug 1146782 migrate autocomplete from yui to jquery
  • bug 1165355 script should remove webservice api keys from database to remove sensitive information
  • bug 1158010 provide a standard and simple way to render relative dates, in perl and javascript
  • bug 1168303 is triggering oom on bugzillaadm.private.scl3
  • bug 1162854 hitting back after making an edit should keep edit mode open
  • bug 1164850 add preferences to request nagging watching facility (reviews only, extended period, and skip encryption)
  • bug 1164780 updating an attachment with pre-existing review requests shouldn't enforce the "last logged in to bugzilla" limit
  • bug 1162427 the "reset assignee to default" checkbox / functionality should be visible


  • bug 1166280 max-width missing from bottom-actions, causing "top" and "new bug" buttons misalignment on the right edge of window
  • bug 1163868 Include requests from others in RequestNagger
  • bug 1164321 fix chrome issues
  • bug 1166616 disabling of reviewer last-seen doesn't work for users that don't have a last_seen_date
  • bug 1166777 Script for generating API keys
  • bug 1166623 move MAX_REVIEWER_LAST_SEEN_DAYS_AGO from a constant to a parameter
  • bug 1135164 display a warning on show_bug when an unassigned bug has a patch attached
  • bug 1158513 Script to convert MozReview attachments from parents to children
  • bug 1168190 "See Also" should accept - prefixed URLs
  • bug 1162302 Bugzilla to Github 0auth CSRF


  • bug 1146770 implement comment preview
  • bug 1116118 003safesys.t shouldn't compile all files by default
  • bug 1163326 implement dirty select tracking in bug-modal to address firefox refresh issue
  • bug 1160430 Add the ability to deactivate keywords
  • bug 1164863 is unable to run if File::Slurp is missing
  • bug 908387 product/component searching should sort hits on product/component name before hits on descriptions
  • bug 1165741 query.cgi's Component list should be sorted case-independent
  • bug 1165464 Incorrect link used for firefox help
  • bug 1162334 email_enabled value inverted in User.update RPC call
  • bug 1165917 support and treeherder@bots.tld as the tbpl/treeheder bot name


  • bug 1158516 Fetch MozReview data by bug instead of by attachment
  • bug 1162041 Update robots.txt to disallow indexing of page.cgi?id=user_activity.html in case links exist from outside BMO
  • bug 1161983 History navigation broken when using modal view
  • bug 1161567 always show the intermediate confirmation page when not using the modal view
  • bug 1149055 flag requestees are unable to set an attachment flag via a the update_attachment webservice if they do not have editbugs
  • bug 1163324 Fix copy-paste error in GitHubAuth
  • bug 1163007 Mozillians url issue at form.reps.mentorship
  • bug 1163333 Per-product default platform is set to (undefined) default_product method instead of default_platform
  • bug 1163575 Intermittent error prevents ProductDashboard from working
  • bug 1161716 Comment-creation WebService API should allow tags to be specified
  • bug 751862 Make it so people inactive in last 60 days can't be asked for review and aren't suggested
  • bug 1163896 summary should linkify bug numbers in modal view


  • bug 1161568 unable to move non-public bugs between products when groups need updating (hitting save on intermediate page shows the intermediate page again)


  • bug 1159166 When I ask for review from someone who is not accepting reviews, my red request count in the top left becomes their request count
  • bug 1159307 Can we add the Rank field to Product "Toolkit"
  • bug 1151745 add ui to minimise steps required to move bugs between products
  • bug 1157124 don't report sql search errors to senty
  • bug 1153100 add mozreview's table to bug-modal
  • bug 1159282 stop creating a second "discussion" bug