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  • bug 1146769 cc activity isn't shown
  • bug 1173124 Create a Firefox Friends Product w/ Components
  • bug 1172614 Revise VP list in from created in bug 1121594
  • bug 1172953 Move contrib/docker/.* to docker/*
  • bug 1173664 product information no longer wraps
  • bug 1174130 Update Mozilla Reps form to add mozilla-reps and mozilla-reps-admins group by default
  • bug 1146774 treeherder/tbpl comments are not automatically collapsed
  • bug 1173771 "Share a link to this list of bugs" doesn't work for saved searches
  • bug 1169312 Missing space in expired-token error
  • bug 1173398 reduce the number of visible buttons at the top right of the page
  • bug 1174632 show keyword summary in tracking module summary
  • bug 1174644 fields are not sorted when shown on bug-modal
  • bug 1174637 a double-colon nick is detected as ":"
  • bug 1166337 Ignore * returned from GitHub


  • bug 1172953 Move contrib/docker/.* to docker/*
  • bug 1173235 "Can't call method "id" without a package or object reference" when viewing a security bug


  • bug 1170922 unable to collapse comments -- they bounce back open
  • bug 1146772 alternative comment ordering isn't supported (newest first, etc)
  • bug 1146781 implement the "ignore bug mail" checkbox
  • bug 1170796 making the Rank field appear for more products
  • bug 1170414 Redirection loop in *.cgi when path-info is present
  • bug 1171074 Removing a custom field does not clear config memcache
  • bug 1170179 Do not automatically set 'firefox-affected' release-tracking flags for comm-central products.
  • bug 1171471 Product Mozilla Services should be Cloud Services
  • bug 1146775 implement comment collapse all and by tag
  • bug 1146779 add search result navigation
  • bug 1171818 link fields to descriptions (where appropriate)
  • bug 1170004 Pressing back after a bug submission error leaves the "Save Changes" button greyed out
  • bug 1171576 In attachment-conversion script, preserve extra, non-MozReview flags
  • bug 1171826 sort keywords by "starts with" then "substring"
  • bug 1172386 create a "feature" for the elasticsearch metrics and ensure its dependencies are tagged
  • bug 1171963 account/email/confirm-new.html.tmpl should describe the current password complexity setting to new user just like the forgotten password form
  • bug 1172649 Create New Attachment comment previews are not working due to Error: TypeError: YAHOO.util.Connect is undefined


  • bug 1146787 "take" buttons missing in edit mode
  • bug 1165866 "See Also" allows github issues but not github pull requests
  • bug 1169227 "Short URL" fails on any new query - I don't get a link
  • bug 1169783 'Edit' option shown on user context menus even if I don't have permission to edit users
  • bug 1163760 Bugzilla Auth Delegation via API Keys
  • bug 1170007 Collapse "Tracking" section when values are set to defaults (eg "---")
  • bug 1169479 500 error when attaching patch with r? but no reviewer
  • bug 1169173 Empty emails for overdue requests
  • bug 1146771 implement comment tagging
  • bug 1168824 stop nagging about massively overdue requests
  • bug 1169418 Can't enter space in Keyword field
  • bug 1169301 The REST link at the bottom of buglist.cgi does not work for saved searches as currently written
  • bug 1168392 Automatic watch user creation not working when editing component without prior watch user account
  • bug 1169131 production run issues