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  • bug 1188747 account lockout audit entry is less than useful
  • bug 1188374 account disabling lacks csrf protection



  • bug 1180572 fix test-fail caused by attachment_storage parameter
  • bug 1175985 Bugzilla Sensitive Information Disclosure Vulnerability
  • bug 1171605 Intern Request Form


  • bug 1184454 unable to create new products
  • bug 1184456 cannot create a new product with 'detect' as the default platform
  • bug 1183899 Restricting access of bugs submitted from the FSA Budget Request form
  • bug 1184755 Update docker image to clone bmo git repo with full history instead of --depth=1
  • bug 1180571 remove the ability to search attachment data
  • bug 1183524 api bustage caused by bug 1173442
  • bug 1183892 Bugzilla disables browser context menu after showing its username left-click menu
  • bug 1184984 Current Selenium tests are failing due to changes made by bug 1173442
  • bug 1184982 The cpanfile generated by checksetup results in an unsuccessful mod_perl install
  • bug 1185440 activity bound to comments which are default-hidden is not hidden by default
  • bug 1185455 Remove use of non-standard flag argument of String.prototype.replace in inline-history.js.
  • bug 1177497 Backport upstreams 5.0 rST docs to BMO and make publicly available at
  • bug 1184001 deliver error report to sentry via cron instead of immediately
  • bug 1180572 create attachment_storage parameter
  • bug 1185852 should exit early if there aren't any reports to send


  • bug 1143132 emails about redirected attachment urls link to attachment-edit instead of the actual url (mozreview, github, etc)
  • bug 1181410 "To see this bug, you must first log in to an account" link is bright blue on red
  • bug 1181759 After bug 1181410, test_bug_edit.t is failing due to change in error message wording
  • bug 1181637 Update Req Opening Process (Cost Center list on 2015-07-08)
  • bug 1173442 Implement admin UI changes to allow selecting default product security group instead of editing code
  • bug 1178031 Add an "applies to all platforms" link next to "use my platform"
  • bug 1182375 unable to create a database from scratch: Unknown column 'secure_mail' in 'field list'
  • bug 1182387 add bug.votes to api responses
  • bug 1182498 Assignee not displayed when the assignee's email address contains ".bugs"
  • bug 1180880 Make the "URL" field in the new UI more prominent
  • bug 1182500 Clearing group flag doesn't work when also moving bug to a different component
  • bug 1123143 Make Bugzilla link to MozReview link directly to diff instead of review request page.
  • bug 1182676 [existing field modification]
  • bug 984438 Don't send 'Your Overdue Requests' reminder emails on weekends
  • bug 1182909 Prevent new accounts from CCing large numbers of users
  • bug 1180570 store attachment size in the database


  • bug 1178231 When the tracking section is collapsed, keywords are displayed like they are in the whiteboard
  • bug 1180449 The modal user interface has changed the behavior of ctype=xml URLs
  • bug 1180711 invalid_cookies_or_token should have a real error code
  • bug 1172968 Move the scripts we want to keep from contrib/* and place them in scripts/ directory. Remove contrib from repo
  • bug 1180788 b.m.o modal UI "fixed in" label isn't quite right for B2G
  • bug 1180776 Mozilla Recruiting Requisition Opening Process Template: Job Description Update


  • bug 1174057 Authentication Delegation should add an App ID column to associate api keys with specific callbacks
  • bug 1163761 Allow MozReview to skip user consent screen for Authentication Delegation
  • bug 825946 tracking flags should be cleared when a bug is moved to a product/component where they are not valid
  • bug 1149593 Hovering over "Copy Summary" changes the button to a grey box
  • bug 1171523 Change Loop product to Hello
  • bug 1175928 flag changes made at the same time as a cc change are not visible without showing cc changes
  • bug 1175644 The cpanfile created by defines the same feature multiple times, breaking cpanm
  • bug 1176362 [Voting] When a user votes enough to confirm an individual bug, the bug does not change to CONFIRMED properly
  • bug 1176368 [Voting] When updating votestoconfirm to a new value, bugs with enough votes are not moved to CONFIRMED properly
  • bug 1161797 Use document.execCommand("copy") instead of flash where it is available
  • bug 1177239 Please create a "Taskcluster Platform" product
  • bug 1144485 Adapt upstream Selenium test suite to BMO
  • bug 1178301 webservice_bug_update.t Parse errors: Bad plan. You planned 927 tests but ran 921
  • bug 1163170 Giving firefox-backlog-drivers rights to edit the Rank field anywhere it appears in bugzilla
  • bug 1171758 Persistent xss is possible on Firefox