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  • bug 1207926 change treeherder@bots.tld to orangefactor@bots.tld
  • bug 1204683 Add whoami endpoint
  • bug 1208135 security not being mailed when bugs change core-security-release state
  • bug 1199090 add printable recovery 2fa codes
  • bug 1204623 timestamp on flags should reference the latest updated activity, not the first
  • bug 1209745 Update get_permissions.html.tmpl to reflect new self-canconfirm process


  • bug 1203991 change the suggested fxos 2fa app (again)
  • bug 1204704 Backport upstream testsuite changes to test against bug 1202447
  • bug 1205683 Feature request: STR and regression-range pulldowns
  • bug 1199087 extend 2fa protection beyond login
  • bug 1204645 the 'last seen' value in the group membership report should use a profile's last-seen date, not the cookie


  • bug 1201415 add message informing users to check their mobile device's time if they have issues enrolling
  • bug 1202461 Missing real email syntax check
  • bug 1201954 Add a "forgot password" link to user preferences -> account
  • bug 1202147 Performing a Simple Search results in the message "invalid column names: relevance desc"
  • bug 1202845 Update to Recruiting form (HRBP list, Textio component)
  • bug 1202975 warning about api key requirement is no longer shown when enabling 2fa
  • bug 1202976 change the suggested fxos 2fa app


  • bug 1201422 extend totp verification time to 90 seconds
  • bug 1201426 2fa message says "your current password is required to enable.." when disabling
  • bug 1201536 2FA secrets for all users are removed when someone disables 2FA


  • bug 1200974 "API-Key" in 2fa text should be "API key" to match the rest of bugzilla
  • bug 1196508 Intern Request Metric Dashboard
  • bug 1200961 switching to the modal view doesn't force the mozilla skin
  • bug 1201116 remove the duo mobile client from suggested apps due to its lack of handling of expired codes


  • bug 1197073 add support for 2fa using totp (eg. google authenticator)
  • bug 1199136 security bug group moves for new core-security-release group
  • bug 1199941 inactive sessions should expire faster (a week)
  • bug 1200600 message about 2fa's interaction with api authentication should be visible when 2fa is enabled
  • bug 1200610 jsonrpc API requests do not work when "Require API-Key authentication for API requests" is enabled due to missing
  • bug 1196618 add support for group owners
  • bug 1200618 Layout of the TOTP 2FA leads to missing the token time window and thus frustration
  • bug 1199136 security bug group moves for new core-security-release group
  • bug 1200957 when a non-admin edits a user the 2fa setting is incorrectly reported