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  • bug 1209599 group general preferences by category
  • bug 1217551 Add File::Copy::Recursive to Bugzilla/Install/
  • bug 1218503 Please remove CAB review field from product developer services
  • bug 1217536 allow inbound_proxy supports '*'


  • bug 1195952 Please add the following choices to the CAB review drop down area of bugzilla
  • bug 1146766 'follow/stop following' doesn't indicate changes are immediated (eg. the "cc following" count isn't updated)
  • bug 1153101 add hooks for edit-comments extension
  • bug 1209599 group general preferences by category
  • bug 1196626 log all authenticated requests
  • bug 1146780 treat github and mozreview attachments as patches
  • bug 1209625 Error when using bzexport: abort: REST error on PUT to The requested method 'Bug.update' was not found."
  • bug 1216320 Update MozProjectReview to create "Enterprise Information Security : Review" tickets instead of " : Security Assurance : Review Request" tickets



  • bug 1196620 support automatic removal of inactive users from groups
  • bug 1172418 user fields are cleared when navigating back to a page (eg. after an error)
  • bug 1211703 help docs not available for User Preferences
  • bug 1212721 gravatar container for comment 0 can be too wide
  • bug 1207379 Button edges are hard to see at most zoom-levels, with bmo "experimental user interface"
  • bug 1204410 Buttons besides 'User Story' overflow if the user story is a one-liner
  • bug 1181044 linkification isn't applied to the user-story field
  • bug 1200765 Make login UX mobile friendly to assist mobile authentication workflow
  • bug 1202281 BMO login being reset for every browser session
  • bug 1213033 make the TOTP MFA code field type=number on mobile
  • bug 1029800 Release Tracking Report doesn't return bugs with tracking flags set to --- when searching for "not fixed" values
  • bug 1178094 Update crash signatures to match new Socorro signature generation
  • bug 1150358 cannot remove other people from the cc list
  • bug 1149899 Remember expanded/collapsed sections
  • bug 1197805 Always show "never email me about this bug" checkbox
  • bug 1211891 needinfo requests where the current user is the requestee shouldn't be editable
  • bug 1199089 add support for duo-security


  • bug 1209332 Make the master kick-off bug "Confidential Mozilla Employee Bug" by default
  • bug 1209971 Suggested reviewers should exclude the current user from the list displayed
  • bug 1200958 group owners should always be able to view group membership reports for their groups
  • bug 1196620 support automatic removal of inactive users from groups
  • bug 1210654 "MozReview Requests" is not shown in the page after submitting a change
  • bug 1210762 User stories aren't saved as part of the "remember values as bookmarkable template"
  • bug 1198519 Add link to bug history page to the top-right drop-down menu
  • bug 1210246 help link is busted
  • bug 1210690 Display only commits and only relevant data
  • bug 1205748 Can't mark inaccessible bug dependent on a regression it caused
  • bug 1164063 show a warning near the attachments table for sec-high/sec-crit bugs without sec-approval? on patches
  • bug 1211750 Changing password with MFA turned on will not work