BMO/Recent changes/2015-11

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  • bug 1227866 infinite loop consuming resources when PATH_INFO set


  • bug 1225713 allow servicedesk group members to edit insidergroup users
  • bug 1225883 remove user_request_log entries in script
  • bug 1225844 remove the CRLF Email::MIME workaround when >= 1.911 is installed
  • bug 1223999 Add See-Also support for features
  • bug 1225831 should accept the admin email address as an optional argument
  • bug 1225366 allow duo authentication for users already enrolled with duo
  • bug 1227031 mod_perl workers are being terminated after 0 seconds


  • bug 1221998 Make sure localconfig is generated deterministically
  • bug 1219767 Explicitly load extensions at Bugzilla->login
  • bug 1221423 unable to impersonate users when 2fa is enabled
  • bug 1181637 Update Req Opening Process (Cost Center list on 2015-07-08)
  • bug 1223495 String handling bug in form.creative on BMO
  • bug 1223669 don't scroll to the top of the page when clicking on the resolution buttons
  • bug 1209625 MozReview API Keys should use a more specific error message
  • bug 1223590 Unable to login to bugzilla via login to github (fresh bugzilla account)
  • bug 1224620 Update VP list in Recruiting Product
  • bug 1187429 Remove the WebOps Request Form
  • bug 1225249 module subtitles should be the same size as other text on the page (13px)


  • bug 1220734 Use of uninitialized value $proxies[0] in string eq at Bugzilla/ line 315.
  • bug 1219750 Allow Apache2::SizeLimit to be configured via params
  • bug 1209625 Error when using bzexport: abort: REST error on PUT to The requested method 'Bug.update' was not found."
  • bug 1177911 Determine and implement better password requirements for BMO
  • bug 1221851 Parameter description for "password_complexity" is incorrect
  • bug 1196743 Fix information disclosure vulnerability that allows attacker to obtain victim's GitHub OAuth return code


  • bug 1213757 delegate password and 2fa resets to servicedesk
  • bug 1219949 Invalid version format (non-numeric data) error when bugzilla_version param is empty and 4.2+ is returned as default value
  • bug 1218457 Allow localconfig to override (force) certain data/params values
  • bug 1207721 change the insider group from core-security to core-security-release