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  • We have a large backlog of un-serviced requests, particularly requests for review
  • New and existing contributors get discouraged by long wait times for review, or request fulfilment


Declare Request Bankruptcy

Let's keep it simple. We should unilaterally cancel all requests older than 6 months. We would add an explanatory apologetic comment, inviting requesters to re-request the flag if they felt it was still relevant. bug 688464

Set Up Whines

  • Write a Bugzilla extension which whines about outstanding requests - bug 682847.
  • Emails about this are sent to every account with requests outstanding.

Change Expectations

  • Set up a community expectation that all requests should be addressed within two weeks at the very most, or reassigned.
  • Those paid to work on Mozilla are free to set tighter expectations for themselves or their managees, such as daily reviews.
  • Help reviewers to understand that fulfilling a request is not the only way of resolving it; they can ask for more information, or for a discussion, or for a patch breakup.


  • Start gathering per-product metrics on how many requests are older than a week, and other relevant metrics - bug 679080.

Corner Cases

Requests With No Requestee

(Also known as 'requests from the wind'). Usually this isn't what the user wants, and I think the right way to deal with it is to set up a query listing all such requests older than a week. We could then auto-add a comment saying "is this really what you meant to do?". Another alternative is cancelling the request, but that seems a bit drastic; sometimes people don't _know_ who the right person is. The last option is reassigning it to the default owner of the selected component.

Requests On Closed Bugs

This is generally a bad practice, but perhaps out of scope for this initiative. As long as the requests are of a particular person, they will still get notified and nagged.