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Restoring Disabled Accounts

When a Mozilla employee leaves, their BMO account will be disabled if it's a address.

For accounts using normal password authentication

To reactive an account with a different email address, perform the following steps:

  1. Add the account to the editbugs group
  2. Rename the account to something@unverified.tld and reactivate
    • Ending the login with .tld ensures email won't be delivered
  3. Inform the requester of the new login - they can log in with their existing password and change the email address

This method verifies ownership of the account (by requiring them to login) and of their new email address.

For accounts using Persona authentication

  1. Ask for the user's old Mozilla manager
  2. Contact the manager asking them to vouch that the user's new email address is the same person who owned the Mozilla address
    • We are flexible here -- if their immediate manager is unable to vouch, they can then nominate someone authoritative to vouch
  3. If vouched:
    1. Add the account to the editbugs group
    2. Rename the account

Note: Please follow the above steps even if the requester provides a valid gpg key as this ensures an accurate audit trail.