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q1/2-2012 splinter work

phase one - address current splinter pain-points

bugs that should be easy(ish) to fix, to be addressed before the rewrite.

patch parsing missing features

add now

patch parsing bugs

only action quick fixes, more complex issues can wait for the PatchReader work

  • bug 685645 splinter diff viewer gets confused by some diffs
  • bug 709897 splinter doesn't like hg diffs where a file was copied and then modified
  • bug 815531 splinter fails to display attachment 681995 correctly
  • bug 826214 New file with one line isn't shown


investigate and fix if easy

  • bug 652500 Splinter creates a comment with code review notes in the wrong place
  • bug 797840 Replying to a comment on Splinter always replies to the first comment


fix now, all look easy

  • bug 760989 Splinter should not require login
  • bug 821889 Make it so that Splinter shouts loudly when a patch introduces Windows line endings

fix if there's time

  • bug 692431 Splinter doesn't clear drafts when publishing a review
  • bug 823448 Show exact replacement of code and not only the addition
  • bug 785314 splinter's routines which add review links to email need to be updated for html bugmail

phase two - rewrite/replace splinter

mozilla-hosted reviewboard instance

deploy onto a mozilla infrastructure, and modify/extend it to integrate tightly with bugzilla (eg authentication).

further investigation required, however this is now the preferred approach.

based on webkit's review system instead of splinter

rewrite to become more like a normal bugzilla perl/js extension, rather than a pure-js one. this paves the way for this system to replace upstream's diff view

improvements over splinter

  • simpler ui than splinter
  • simpler code than splinter
  • more features
    • comment context selection
    • side-by-side/unified views
    • preview
    • copy without line numbers



  • existing splinter comments should be understood or migrated
  • add a new longdescs fields (or use extradata if possible) to indicate that a comment is a review, rather than parsing comments

add missing splinter features

  • viewing one file at a time
  • marking a file as 'reviewed'
  • collapsing files

add new features

  • interdiff

other notes