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Note: These activities should be completed before or at the same time we have the merge for the next major release of Firefox.
Warning signWarning: There are several steps to the process and care must be taken.

Adding a new "rapid release" version to Firefox/Core/Thunderbird

Bugzilla Ticket

During the days before a merge date check in with the Release Management team and ask when they want to increment the fields.

  1. Look for a bug with the title release tracking flag refresh (version)
  2. If you don't find it, clone the bug for the most recent version
  3. If you still can't find it create a BMO:: Administration bug to track the new versions/milestones
  4. Use subject: release tracking flag refresh (version)

Status and Release Flags

The flags for release status and tracking are created with the release tracking flags administration page, not the "custom fields" page.

  • Create a copy of the current release's version of the following flags, updating the name and sort-order:
    • copy cf_tracking_firefoxN to cf_tracking_firefoxN+1
    • copy cf_status_firefoxN to cf_status_firefoxN+1

Only members of the mozilla-next-drivers group may set a tracking flag to something other than ?. Members of the canconfirm group can set status flags or set a tracking flag to ?.

    • copy cf_tracking_thunderbirdN to cf_tracking_thunderbirdN+1
    • copy cf_status_thunderbirdN to cf_status_thunderbirdN_1
  • edit the flags for previous (now released) versions (N-3) and uncheck 'active':
    • cf_tracking_firefoxN-3
    • cf_status_firefoxN-3
    • cf_tracking_thunderbirdN-3
    • cf_status_thunderbirdN-3
  • update cf_tracking_firefox_relnote (which is relnote-firefox in the UI) (add N+1, disable N-3 except for ESR)
  • update the current esr tracking field: cf_tracking_firefox_esr* (add N+2)


  • Use the milestone admin page to add new milestones
  • The template strings listed may not be the only forms of string in the lists of milestones
  • Move the --- milestone marker to between N-1 and N for all products where a milestone was added
  • Leave all milestones from most recent ESR to nightly (and '---' and 'Future') active. Disable others
  • Don't delete old milestones



Use the version admin page to add new versions.

TODO: What's missing from this list? What should be removed?

  • Calendar: "Thunderbird NN"
  • Chat Core: "NN"
  • Cloud Services: "NN Branch"
  • Core: "NN Branch"
  • DevTools: "NN Branch"
  • Firefox: "NN Branch"
  • Firefox Build System: "NN Branch"
  • Firefox for Android: "Firefox NN"
  • GeckoView: "NN Branch"
  • MailNews Core: "NN"
  • Remote Protocol: "NN Branch"
  • SeaMonkey: "SeaMonkey N.0"
  • Testing: "NN Branch"
  • Thunderbird: "NN"
  • Toolkit: "NN Branch"
  • WebExtensions: "Firefox NN"

Adding a "rapid release" version to SeaMonkey

To determine the correct version number to add, check with a SeaMonkey owner first (Callek, or any member of the SeaMonkey Council).

these steps use 2.27 as an example.

use the release tracking flags admin page to:

  • copy the prior flags and edit as per firefox
    • copy cf_tracking_seamonkey226 to cf_tracking_seamonkey_227
    • copy cf_status_seamonkey226 to cf_status_seamonkey_227
  • deactivate old flags for previous (now released) versions (N-4)
    • deactivate cf_tracking_seamonkey223 and cf_status_seamonkey223

use the milestone admin page to:

  • add a new milestone "seamonkey2.27"
  • move the --- milestone marker to between seamonkey2.26 and seamonkey2.27

use the version admin page to:

  • add a new version "SeaMonkey 2.27 Branch"