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Update Firefox Release Health Page

Adding a new "rapid release" version to Firefox/Core/Thunderbird

these steps use version 30 as an example.

Create a BMO :: Administration bug to track the new versions/milestones. Use subject: "release tracking flag refresh (30)"

these flags need to be created with the release tracking flags administration page, not with bugzilla's "custom fields" page.

  • create a copy of version 29 of the following flags, updating just the name and sort-order:
    • copy cf_tracking_firefox29 to cf_tracking_firefox30
    • copy cf_status_firefox29 to cf_status_firefox30
    • copy cf_tracking_thunderbird29 to cf_tracking_thunderbird30
    • copy cf_status_thunderbird29 to cf_status_thunderbird30
  • edit the flags for previous (now released) versions (N-4) and uncheck 'active':
    • cf_tracking_firefox25
    • cf_status_firefox25
    • cf_tracking_thunderbird25
    • cf_status_thunderbird25
  • update cf_blocking_fennec (which is tracking-fennec in the UI) (add N+2, disable N-4):
    • add "32+"
    • disable "25+"
  • update cf_tracking_firefox_relnote (which is relnote-firefox in the UI) (add N+1, disable N-4 except for ESR)
    • add "31+"
    • disable "25+" (unless this is the current ESR version)
  • update the current esr tracking field: cf_tracking_firefox_esr* (add N+2)
    • add "32+"
  • update cf_fx_iteration (add N.[123]; disable N-2.[123])
    • add "30.1 - 26 Jan", "30.2 - 9 Feb", and "30.3 - 23 Feb"
      • the dates are for the end of the iteration, which always happens on a monday
      • there are two weeks between each iteration
    • disable "28.1", "28.2", and "28.3"

use the milestone admin page to:

Needinfo :Tomcat to let you know when to proceed with moving the milestone markers.

  • move the --- milestone marker to between 29 and 30 for all products where a milestone was added:
    • between mozilla29 and mozilla30
    • or between "Firefox 29" and "Firefox 30"
    • or between "Thunderbird 29" and "Thunderbird 30"

use the version admin page to:

  • add new versions:
    • Android Background Services: "Firefox 30"
    • Chat Core "30"
    • Core: "30 Branch"
    • Firefox: "30 Branch"
    • Firefox for Android: "30 Branch"
    • Firefox Health Report: "30 Branch"
    • Instantbird "30"
    • MailNews Core: "30"
    • Mozilla QA: "Firefox 30"
    • Tech Evangelism: "Firefox 30"
    • Testing: "30 Branch"
    • Thunderbird: "30 Branch"
    • Toolkit: "30 Branch"

Adding a "rapid release" version to SeaMonkey

To determine the correct version number to add, check with a SeaMonkey owner first (Callek, or any member of the SeaMonkey Council).

these steps use 2.27 as an example.

use the release tracking flags admin page to:

  • copy the prior flags and edit as per firefox
    • copy cf_tracking_seamonkey226 to cf_tracking_seamonkey_227
    • copy cf_status_seamonkey226 to cf_status_seamonkey_227
  • deactivate old flags for previous (now released) versions (N-4)
    • deactivate cf_tracking_seamonkey223 and cf_status_seamonkey223

use the milestone admin page to:

  • add a new milestone "seamonkey2.27"
  • move the --- milestone marker to between seamonkey2.26 and seamonkey2.27

use the version admin page to:

  • add a new version "SeaMonkey 2.27 Branch"