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Badge and Badge System Research

Given the level of interest in badge research, we've begun to compile a list of associated research. Some of it is being conducted by members of our community and some of it is occurring in other locations. Regardless of where it originates, we'd like to read it and make it accessible to the rest of the community. That said, please ensure that the research you're sharing is not embargoed and can be publicly shared.

  • Dan Hickey and team's Design Principles Documentation Project
    • In depth consideration by Indiana University's Associate Professor; Director of Learning Studies, Dan Hickey this documentation explores design principles unearthed among the 30 funded winners of the 2012 Digital Media and Learning Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition. Final reports to arrive in the Spring of 2014
    • The project explores how projects designed and implemented practices in four areas: Recognizing learning, Assessing learning, Motivating learning, and Studying learning in digital badge systems.
    • As of December 2013, the DPD Project has released its Interim Report, which contains a draft of a chapter on each of the four categories and the first two detailed case studies. PDF Download (83pgs)
    • The project has also released a downloadable deck of cards to use as a system design or research tool. See BSD Wiki: Tools
  • The always-in-progress Mozilla research etherpad
    • Here you'll find a mix of research that has been curated by community members (prior to this wiki). This research is related to badges but may not directly address badges. Areas that are covered include general research, creativity, assessment, neuroscience, etc. Eventually that information will find it's way onto this wiki, too. (Hint, hint.)