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Meeting Agenda for June 15th 2010

Dial-in info:

+1.800.707.2533, followed by 369 and then 340#

Schedule (fill me)

  • General update and overview of 5 goals we set for the next 6 months
  • Next organizational steps
    • agree on schedule and format of bi-weekly calls
    • agree on community leaders/spokerspersons
    • rotating "leadership" of Balkan region?
  • current and future projects and next events
  • Mozilla Summit World Expo (click here to sign up]
  • find new volunteers (and help) through (for your local community, in your local language!).
  • budget requirements etc...)

Meeting notes

  • Next organizational steps
    • the group agreed that it should meet in a conference call every two weeks (at least in the beginning). We'll try this for the next two months and depending on whether it works well or not, we'll revise the frequency of the call
    • each call should last not longer than 1 hour (preferably 30min) and will be structured as follows:
      • Brief recap of last call and of relevant Mozilla news (eg. Firefox release, large event, etc...) over the past 2 weeks
      • Status report of all ongoing projects as they relate to 6-month goals set during the meetup
      • Update of action items and owners (if applicable)
      • Open discussion
    • It was agreed that there should be a rotating leadership of bi-weekly calls whereby 1 member of the Balkan community will be designated as leader for a 1 month period (ie. 2 or 3 calls). The responsibilities of the leader are as follows:
      • Prepare the agenda of the next bi-weekly call and moderate the call
      • designate a note-taker for the call
      • ensure that at least 1 person from each community is present during the call (ie. not everyone is expected to participate on the call every two weeks)
    • the next call is scheduled for Tuesday June 29th at 8pm CET. A leader will be designated during that call
  • Current projects based on 6-month goals and action items:
    • l10n: Alina is working on heping each community identify those Manifesto/Fx/Tb localization needs for relevant locales. Please contact Alina for more details. + would be great to follow-up with Pascal C.
    • Events: Pierros is looking into organizing a large public Mozilla event in Athens middle of September 2010; Alina also looking into organizing a public event in Iasi.
      • as Brian suggested, we should also aim to organize smaller, very local project-specific events (ie. Add-ons workshop or l10n tutorials) where we can get local sponsorships. Contact Brian and/or William for more info on how to set one up
    • Mozilla Summit World Expo (here sign-ups]; so far only Macedonia and Slovenia have signed up. Would be great if all communities attending the summit could sign-up.
  • Finding new volunteers (and help): Alina talked about opportunities we are thinking to offer to local communities via She is working on helping local communities to announce their specific needs (marketing, help on organising events, administrate website etc.) on the contribute webage. Local community leaders can send Alina an email with what they would need or where they need help, then we will add it in a special section on
  • Infrastructure to foster collaboration: William working on integrating an events calendar on the Balkans wiki so everyone has visbility on upcoming events Mozilla is directly or potentially involved in; Milos will continue updating and building the wiki pages that he has created and will give an update during the next call