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Meeting Agenda for Tuesday August 17th, 2010 @ 8pm CET

Dial-in info:

Skype call, contact William to get in the call

Agenda points

  • Next location of Mozilla Balkans Event
  • Next regional rotating leader
  • Update on the school computers in MK (Gorjan)
  • Marketing - Work so far by Milos
  • Discussion about project with most pluses (left time)

Please vote :

 SUMO         |+
 Student Reps |
 Mobile       |

If you think we should talk about some other projects just add it here (2 projects left)

Meeting notes

  • There is no possibilities to have next event in Vlora(Albania) , it should be organized in end of October or beginning of November, we have one proposal that is Ljubljana (Slovenia), mathjazz will collect needed information and place it in one wiki page , if somebody have another proposal he should create wiki page with pos. and cons.
  • There was also talked about changing the a way of doing public day but about that we will talk after we choose next location of event
  • The next regional rotating leader is Gorjan
  • There is problem in MK schools , they use outdated software and we need a way to get to the government and warm them on that. We propose to create other teams of volunteers so we create lobby , but it isn't so easy and it is more on Linux community than on Mozilla and there will be more talk about this on next call
  • Here is a list of thing that should be done and things on it should be done buy every community , in next period William and Brian will collect tasks that should be done , and on one of our next calls they should be given to one person from every community so they do research in their local
  • There was no need to use a back up item

Bonus talks: If somebody have an idea how to make the current global marketing calls more collaborative and participatory then he should post it in EtherPad And if somebody have ideas and know some softwares that can make our call more interesting then he should post ideas here