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Bedrock is a new version of written on top of Playdoh, Mozilla's Django skeleton project.

The goal is to transition to Django (and more importantly, Python) for the following reasons, even though this is an incomplete list:

It is early in development, but the goal is to have a lot of the important pages of ported over by the end of 2011. See for more details.

Roadmap & Features

We have pushed out a few pages live on Bedrock already, and plan to push a big chunk of our pages on 3/29.

Here's the checklist for the 3/29 push:

To view all the current bedrock bugs, use the following search:

Really long bugzilla search query

QA Checklist

For our 3/29 push, here are things that QA needs to verify:

  • Download buttons should provide the latest version of Firefox (11) for the current locale (en-US only pages right now) for the user's platform (please test Mac, Windows, and Linux)
  • With Javascript disabled, download buttons should be rendered as a list of links to download for each platform
  • Make sure that the download buttons work on all version if IE without a security alert. We have a special hack that opens a new window to initialize the download.
  • Make sure videos play on /firefox/customize and /firefox/central, especially in IE (all versions) on Windows
  • Test Newsletter signups. Should error when submitting with blank data, and confirm on good submission.
    • Check with Winston Bowden to make sure the correct newsletters are actually being populated
    • Footer of every page
    • /apps
    • /contribute (two here, one in the white box, and one under the "newsletter" tab where the user can opt-in to a form)
  • Test contribute form on /contribute, which doesn't use our newsletter library but simply sends emails
    • On the dev site, should email everything to the same email entered on the form
    • When we go live, need to ask someone to confirm that they get the email
  • Platform images: screenshots reflect the user's platform. Test case is /firefox/features/. Platform should default to windows when js is disabled.
  • /firefox redirect, users with the latest version of Firefox should redirect to /firefox/fx and everyone else to /firefox/new


I will try to document the product pages as I port them, especially noting edge cases.

Download Button

  • For IE, the button spawns a new 1x1 window which links to the download and the page redirects to the thank you page. This is done to avoid a security notification when the thank you page inits the download.
    • The thank you page specifically checks for IE and doesn't init the download for it
  • The thank you page is specifically for js-enabled people. When js is disabled, the download button simply lists links to all OS's that Firefox can be downloaded for and the links directly download Firefox.