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Goal: We'd like to have a lightweight process that prevents "surprise" ESR landings at the 11th hour and makes sure ESR patches are created very soon after their related mainline patches

The ESR repo: https://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-esr60/

More info about the ESR:

What should land on mozilla-esr60: Security and some major stability fixes when they're landed/merged onto mozilla-beta, or fixes for regressions specific to the ESR. Exception: If patches only make changes to tests, test harnesses or anything else that does not affect the shipped builds, they may land with self approval (use a=testonly, a=npotb etc).

The associated flags:

approval-mozilla-esr60: ?, +, -

tracking-esr60: ?, -, 11+, 12+, 13+, ...

status-esr60: ?, unaffected, wontfix, affected, checkin-pending, fixed, verified

The process:

1) When an engineer believes that a stability bug needs to be addressed for the ESR, or a security fix that's landed on a branch affects the ESR:

  • Set tracking-esr60 to ?
  • Set status-esr60 to affected if an ESR patch is still being worked on
  • Set approval-mozilla-esr60 to ? and status-esr60 checkin-pending if a patch is ready to land on mozilla-esr60

2) Members of both Security and Release Management teams will triage tracking-esr60=?, and if agreement is that it's needed for the ESR, the tracking flag will be set to the first version of mainline Firefox that the patch is present in and the approval-mozilla-esr60 flag will be set to +.

  • In the case of an ESR-specific regression, we'll track for the next ESR release.
  • Why are we using mainline versions to track the ESR? According to the ESR proposal, a chemspill uses a minor version number, thus throwing off our tracking flags. Additionally, engineers shouldn't have to know what version of the ESR we're on.

3) Once the mozilla-beta version matches the tracking-esr60 version, Security and Release Management teams will triage those bugs and make sure affected/checkin-pending fixes are landed at least 1 week prior to release so that we can go-to-build.

  • Approval is required, so add "a={whoever set the approval-mozilla-esr10 flag to +}" to the commit message.
  • After landing the patch, set status-esr60 to "fixed".
  • Our beta period for the ESR will be to push this build to FTP a week early for qualification by enterprises.

ESR Triage Queries



NOTE: Post-merge, we'll likely need to create new static links for 20+ b2g bugs (still landing to v1.1, along with 21+ bugs)


ESR Timeline and Activities


Review ESR queries

  • for potential ESR uplifts
  • to review uplift requests
  • to follow up on approved uplifts that have not landed.

Week 4

Tue: Send smoke test e-mail to enterprise list

Week 5


  1. Kick off build in ship-it
  2. Send go to build e-mail for ESR candidate to release-drivers.
  3. Create release notes in Nucleus

Release date

All happens after mainline release goes live

  1. Post request for QA sign-off to r-d
  2. Wait for QA sign-off e-mail to r-d from Matt Wobensmith
  3. Send push release to esr channel e-mail request for releng to r-d
  4. Mark release notes as public in Nucleus
  5. Update product details in SVN (instructions, remember to push the big red button)
  6. Add release to historical releases page
  7. Post release announcement to enterprise mailing list

Sample E-mails

Smoke Test Request

Subject: Request: Smoke Test Firefox 24.6.0esr

As we approach the ESR 24.6.0 release date of June 10th, we'd like your help in smoke testing the latest pre-release builds. Our request is not for full qualification of the builds but rather exploratory testing of internal websites and applications for which our QA team does not have access.

Please file bugs for any critical regressions that you find in Bugzilla and make sure to set the need-info? flag on release-mgmt at mozilla.com <mailto:release-mgmt at mozilla.com> in order to alert the release management team to the issues. Alternatively, you can directly email release-mgmt at mozilla.com <mailto:release-mgmt at mozilla.com> or this list.

Thank you for your continued support in ensuring high quality ESR releases.

Firefox Release Manager

*NOTE*: Do not deploy any of the pre-release builds listed below. These pre-release builds will not update correctly and will not be supported by Mozilla.

ESR 24 Windows:

ESR 24 Mac OS X:

ESR 24 Linux 32 bits:

ESR 24 Linux 64 bits:

Go To Build for ESR Candidate

Subject: Please build ESR 24.5.0 build#1

Submitted to ship-it.

   changeset <changeset id>


Request to push release to esr channel

Subject: Please push Firefox 24.5.0esr build #1 to the ESR channel


QA has signed off on the desktop release. Please push ESR to the esr release channel. 


Release Announcement

Subject: Firefox 24.6.0esr released

I'm pleased to announce the release of Firefox ESR 24.6.0. This release includes security fixes in line with Firefox 30.

You can find installers for Windows / Mac OS X / GNU/Linux here:

And the release notes are available here:

Firefox Release Manager

Branching Logistics

When we have the overlapping ESR (and the first build of a major version number for the ESR.next - 10, 17, 24, 31, etc) we do build a separate build with its own branding from the newly minted branch. See https://wiki.mozilla.org/Releases/Firefox_24.0.esr/BuildNotes for how to kick off the builds and http://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-esr31/rev/e91c79c4c04b for an example of the custom configs needed for that first build's partials that has to land before kicking off the build in ship-it.