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Engage and recruit broader community on Basecamp efforts via a cohesive community building and outreach plan that spans events, Mozilla Reps, functional area community efforts and more. Let's work together to keep everyone informed, excited and participating.


  • Prime the pump for Telefonica product launch in Q1, by driving acquisition and awareness of Firefox Desktop.
  • Drive set of built in apps that are highly relevant in Brazil and solves use cases for the target market there, and create thriving app ecosystem.
  • Grow direct relationships with our users.

Initiatives and Programs


FISL 13:
Porto Alegre, Brasil
July 25-28
Expected Attendance: 8,000 - Brazilian influencers - Press, Academics, Technologists, Government, Lawmakers
Expected Mozillians: About 30
Event Activation Components: 3 Keynotes, 2-3 Rountables, MDN Hack Day, L10 Sprint, Telefonica Collaboration, Influencer/Brasil Gov't Outreach
Event Schedule:

Event KPIs: Downloads via unique URL (, engagement via hashtag #FirefoxBrasil, RSVPs for Hack Day and Sprint

Details: We are a Silver Sponsor of the event which includes signage and logo placement. In lieu of a traditional event booth, we have negotiated a separate 70-person room to host an MDN Hack Day (co-sponsored by Telefonica) and a Localisation Doc Sprint. We will have 3 keynote speakers from Mozilla - Harvey Anderson, Felipe Gomes and Chris Heilmann.

Market Research

Identifying market-related questions that need to be answered as part of Mozilla's planning efforts. Locating data and research sources to address these needs, managing subsequent acquisitions. Margaret Schroeder is the Engagement lead and can be reached at

Margaret is also collaborating with Diane Loviglio and Cori Schauer, of Mozilla User Research, who are launching a Q3 study in Brazil with a consulting partner. Focus will be on a user experience strategy for B2G.

Current Wish List for community help: 1) Translation of articles from Portuguese to English within 24 hours (doesn't need to be perfect; volume not expected to be heavy) 2) Weekly monitoring of Brazilian developer online resources (eg. blogs, web sites) to identify points of interest to Mozilla 3) List of top 5+ smartphones of interest to Brazilians upgrading from feature phones

User Experience Research

Cori Schauer and Diane Loviglio will be conducting fieldwork in Sao Paulo and Recife during the week of July 30 - August 6. They will conduct 12 in-home interviews with C-Class people with the goals to

- gain deeper understanding of the class C, early 20 something Brazilian. How do they feel about mobile devices and communicating with others? What is the role of the mobile device(s) in the lives of these individuals? What other objects do they desire? Which of those objects are attainable versus not for them and why?

- define what “Smart Lite” means to this group. What features are most important? What expectations do they have for the phone? What accessories do they want/need?

Once the research is collected, we expect to create the following deliverables by the end of August: - user profiles - user experience strategy for B2G focusing on what users want/need for categories such as apps/content, phone accessories, payments/billing, etc. - project room open houses to explore the data we collected

The team will be working with Sylver Consulting,a design research and strategy company with offices in Chicago and Brasilia.



  • A set of built-in apps that are highly relevant in Brasil and solves use cases for the target market there
  • An app ecosystem in Brasil that includes high-quality, must-have apps for that market

Recruiting and Promotion

  • Identifying key Apps
  • Recruiting App Developers


  • Support DevEngagement efforts by providing
    • WebFWD program resources to event participants as follow-up
    • (TBD) financial support for select participants to build B2G apps
    • connection to local entrepreneur/startup network
    • connection to CS and UX/UI universities (from former and current outreach)

Developer Engagement

  • Coordination of Devengage & Dev Ecosystem content & tools development:
  • Developer Events for Brazil
    • July 27: MDN Apps Hack Day (Porto Alegre)
    • July 28: MDN Doc Sprint (Porto Alegre)
    • July 29: Campus Party Brazil Keynote (Recife)
    • August 1: Developer Meet Up (Sao Paulo)
    • August 2: Evangelism Reps Training (Sao Paulo)
    • August 22 & 23: The Next Web (Sao Paulo)
    • August 24: Buscape Event (Sao Paulo)
    • August 30 & 31: BrazilJS (Porto Alegre)
    • September 1: MDN Apps Hack Day and Doc Sprint (Porto Alegre)

Business Development

  • Outreach to major web properties in Brazil extending invitation to publish html5 apps for the Mozilla Marketplace.
  • Connect with agencies producing Android and iOS apps. Encourage expansion of client relationship to incorporate html5 app publishing as additional service.

Testing and Validation

Consumer Go-To-Market (DanH)

  • Support Carrier Communication Efforts
  • Drive Brazilian Firefox user awareness and usage
  • Engage the Mozilla Community
Marketplace Mozillians Preview


Boot-to-Gecko Platform


B2G device to be deployed by Telefonica in Brasil, developed in conjunction with Qualcomm and an OEM partner

  • Creating Gaia Apps
  • Device allocation and software distribution
    • B2G system

Code Contribution


Testing + Validation

  • There is a need already to get local help with testing and validation
    • Build and test for emulator (and SGS2); evangelizing building practices
    • When the time is right; build and test for OEM device.
    • Design Use-Cases and Test Cases for the Phone and platform.

Overall Recruiting and Engagement Activities

Desktop Acquisition and Retention

Contribute Page/PT-BR

  • Overview/Objective: To connect directly to potential contributors in LATAM in their own language.
  • Owner: David Boswell and Luciana Viana
  • Milestones and Deliverables: Phase 1 of PT localization for Get Involved page by mid-July (bug 760821)
  • Additional Background: Background on Are We Growing Yet? dashboard
  • How to get involved: Contact David or Luciana -- there are lots of ways to help from localizing content to providing assistance to people wanting to get involved in all areas of the project.

Mozilla Reps

1) Get more contributors to the B2G communities
2) Promote the Firefox OS community & support infrastructure

  • ie: the brand & the 'web is the platform' message
  • More marketing/pr, evangelism, demos

3) Promote the B2G community & support infrastructure

  • gecko & gaia & gonk
  • more technical/support/QA

4) Bring new developers to the B2G Ecosystem

  • Apps, Marketplace

See detailed ReMo B2G action plan here

Mozilla Newsletters

  • Firefox e Voce:
    • Monthly newsletter to our Brazilian Portuguese Firefox users with tips and tricks to get the most out of your Firefox & Internet experience
    • Platform for engaging our current desktop users to know more about Mozilla and our other products
    • How to get involved: Contact Jess Davis or Marcelo Araldi

Upcoming events & visits

Event Type Owner Location Date
BD Road Trip Business Development Ron P Sao Paulo June 11, 2012
FISL FOSS Conference Jesse Porto Alegre July 25, 2012
Community Day @ FISL Strategy + Organization Session w. key leads Luca Toledo Porto Alegre July 29, 2012
Brazil JS Javascript developer conference Shezmeen Porto Alegre August 30, 2012
User Research In-field home visits with participants Diane and Cori Sao Paulo & Recife July 29 - Aug 6 2012