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This page gathers & tracks details of the Developer Content Plan for Apps & Marketplace, including the Apps Developers project from the Developer Ecosystem team and a collection of resources for developers from many sources.

Apps Developers Content & Tools

A hub for projects and initiatives supporting Apps developers and the Mozilla Marketplace for developers. Includes pointers to documentation, tools, a calendar of events and hackathons that support Apps for Basecamp and much more.




Contacts for each role of this project:

  • MDN Documentation Lead - Janet Swisher
  • Apps tech writer - Mark Giffin
  • Dev Ecosystem Tech Lead - Fred Wenzel
  • Dev Ecosystem PM - Daniel Buchner
  • Content Wrangler - Havi Hoffman
  • Product Design Lead - Bryan Clark
  • MDN Evangelism Lead - Joe Stagner
  • PMM Partner Marketing - Diana Livits
  • cast of hundreds...


Project Management