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Meeting Info

Breakpad status meetings occur on Wed at 10:00am Pacific Time.

Conference numbers:

   Vidyo: Stability 
   650-903-0800 x92 conf 98200#
   800-707-2533 (pin 369) conf 98200# 

IRC backchannel: #breakpad
Mountain View: Dancing Baby (3rd floor)

Operations Updates

  • what's the status of the infrastructure?
    • there was a successful stage deploy
    • prod deploy didn't go
      • wasn't able to find the proper AMI
      • flaky script tagging the API
      • script is flaky because it pipes multiple, complicated, awk-type things together
    • see upcoming replacement here:
  • we are currently pushing to prod
    • prod built successfully, is up to date
  • antennae system test is pending
    • antennae has a system test that runs as an external process and posts a bunch of crashes and then looks at the s3 bucket that antennae is saving stuff to and verifies that the crashes made it to the bucket, they're in the correct form, and they're all in the right place. So the problems is that, in order to run system tests in our dev environment, hopefully at some point with CI (so we land a PR and it does all that or whatever), in order to do all that it needs to be running on a node in the dev environment. We cannot run it locally because it needs access to the s3 bucket.
    • we could push off implementing this infrastructure if WillKG can manually run it from Dev. That would remove this from being a blocker.

Project Updates

Deployment Triage

PR Triage

Major Projects

Splitting out collector (Antenna)

  • (will) running crashes through antenna and socorro-collector and comparing output. found one bug and fixed it.
  • (will, adrian, lonnen, mbrandt) various discussions on extracting things from antenna into a common library we can all use. at first, the thinking was to split out a test lib, but now seems prudent to make the scope more expansive. Will is going to prototype a library and mull over ease-of-maintenance and convenience.
  • [mbrandt] Antenna load tests are in a ready state. We'll need to schedule some of rpapa's time when we are ready to execute them and run our sizing experiments.
  • (miles) working on -stage environment and getting system tests to work in -dev.

Deprecation rampage

nothing new

e2e tests

  • (will) closed the phantomjs support PR and abandoned this solution for now
  • (will) looking at Selenium docker containers to solve Peter's open/close issue
  • (adrian) reviewed and landed API tests

Processor rewrite

  • traded ideas with adrian, otherwise no new work

Signature generation hacking

on hold

Upgrading Elasticsearch

  • (miles) decided to go all the way to version 5.1.1 (one the most recent ones)
  • (adrian) started working on updating code for that version
  • we need to write down a migration plan, as that will have an impact on code to write

Other Business

  • [adrian] non-major projects
    • bug associations had some problems
      • mostly private bugs
      • was a problem with signatures with trailing whitespace
      • not being picked up by bugzilla
    • someone from adobe is having a hard time uploading symbols
  • [lonnen] non-major
    • sec team is going to add a thing to firefox that may mess up stack frames a little bit
    • we're convening folks that touch crash reports to assess the impact and determine any changes that may be coming up

Travel, etc

  • Will is taking January 26th and 27th off.
  • Matt is taking January 20th off.