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The bug that will overshadow all the hard work we put into the Firefox 57 release has probably already been filed. We need to find it and fix it.

If you think a bug might affect users in the 57 release, please set the correct Firefox versions affected in the bug, and then set the tracking-request flag to request tracking of bug by release management team.

You need the EDITBUGS privilege to do this.

Making decisions as the 57 Beta approaches

As we review the list of bugs, it's important to mark the status flag (affected, not-affected or wontfix). If something is affected, that means we'd consider an uplift into beta; otherwise it's wontfix. You can label bugs as fix-optional for 57, but those will quickly get converted to wontfix. There will be an approximate 2 week window after uplift where we can get non-catastrophic bugs into Beta. After that 2 week window, the bar will be quite high: i.e. "Will this bug trigger a dot release? If not, it's wontfix."

Bugs needing a decision

Bugs in need of a decision for Firefox 57.

Warning signWarning: Refrain from promoting bugs filed earlier than the start of the Firefox 56 release cycle (2017-06-12.)

How to add the Status and Release Tracking Flags

  1. Click Edit Bug
  2. Under the Firefox Tracking Flags section, in the Status column, select affected for firefox57
  3. If you know that other versions of Firefox are affected/unaffected, please mark them as such
  4. Click Save Changes
  5. Only if you think this needs fast escalation: request tracking
    1. Open the Firefox Tracking Flags section if not open
    2. Under the Tracking column, select ? for firefox57
    3. Finish the comment started for you about why this bug should be tracked for release
      • What users will be affected
      • How many users could be affected
    4. Release management will review your request to track


How to mark a bug as a Regression

  1. Click Edit Bug
  2. Open the Tracking section if not open
  3. Click into the Keywords field and begin typing regression, it will autocomplete
  4. Select regression from the dropdown
  5. If you do not know which patch caused the bug
    • Type a comma in the keywords field, and start typing regressionwindow-wanted
    • Select regressionwindow-wanted
  6. If you know which patch caused the bug
    • Add the link to the commit as a comment, stating that you believe this is the commit responsible. If you are reasonably sure, make the regression bug block the bug that introduced the regression.
  7. Don't forget to add the Firefox 57 status and tracking flags (see above)
  8. Click Save Changes

See also :ehsan's instructions on marking regresssions.

Enhancement/Feature Request

Bugs which are requests for enhancements or new features should be marked as severity = enhancement. This will remove them from the list of bugs which need a decision for 57.

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