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Bugmasters meeting

Thursday, February 7, 2013 9:30am PST

Attendees: lizzard, glob, ctalbert, bsmedberg, tyler downer, mhoye, ioana, kyle,


Bugmaster Status report!

- idea: Make first-time bugzilla users triage their own bugs. - as in, if it's a duplicate, the new user triages that as such, not a dev. - Verify that users can mark their own bugs, and comment on bugs without reopening them. (verified, bug reporters are able to edit all fields, including marking a bug as a duplicate. comments won't reopen a bug) the only restriction is new users can't mark a bug as FIXED (Killer, thanks! - mhoye)

  • Gave a talk at She's Geeky unconference, 10 attendees, 4 or so tried triaging, 1 is submitting a patch. Got good feedback for future "come be a bugmaster" talks.

Coming soon!

  • Adding context dependent links into bugzilla.mozilla.org (lead to wiki for triage, build questions)
  • The awesomely great bugzilla dashboard. Try it!
  • Status of the READY status. Ready or not? (glob: not; it's a "breaking" change, maybe worth discussing alternatives)

Stuff that needs doing


Write more thoughts and questions here as you think of them!

  • bsmedberg's bug-triage app: http://benjamin.smedbergs.us/bugbudgeter/
  • https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/page.cgi?id=triage_reports.html is a thing too, and i can extend this if required (to cover things which aren't possible with bugzilla's search)
  • What would be involved in getting an updated snapshot of Bugzilla data? (Jetpack team has changed our system of triaging things since mid-2012, so the dashboards aren't helpful at the moment) (glob: i can provide sanitised snapshots on request, and there's plans to automate this, --> mhoye)
  • whiteboard is "tag space" and it's searchable but not the most efficient.... can you edit it without editbugs? Should we add a new tag field that you don't need editbugs to add stuff to? expanding the existing keyword field to allow arbitrary keywords would probably be a better route... not sure adding more fields to bugzilla is a net win :)
  • https://globau.wordpress.com/2012/10/16/coming-attraction-comment-tagging/