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If you are interested in managing bugs, please join us for the regular Bugmaster meetings every other Thursday at 9:30 AM Pacific. (UTC: Wednesday at 16:30:00)

Next meeting time: Thursday, May 30 at 9:30 AM Pacific (times around the world)
Notes for next meeting

Video: Liz Henry's vidyo room (use this link for guest access)
Audio: If video doesn't work, call +1 800 707 2533, pin 369, conf 9634#
Back channel: irc://irc.mozilla.org#bugmasters


  • Upcoming bugdays!
    • Mentored and good first bugs May 30
    • Support bugs June 6
  • Talk June 8 at AdaCamp (women in open source) on bug management
  • Two talks coming up at Open Source Bridge in Portland
    • workshop "bugzilla rodeo"; discussion with Wikimedia bugmaster
  • mhoye talks about the mining software repositories conference. Data, logs, stats, and analyzing them. bug triage is very important to the outcome of a bug!


  • User profiles!
  • examples:
    • Screen%20Shot%202013-05-31%20at%2012.42.55%20AM.png
    • Screen%20Shot%202013-05-27%20at%2011.20.46%20PM.png
  • user activity link added in, and bugs by product links are the top 10 the user has contributed too, rather than a fixed set of products, since many people contribute most in "other".
  • liz will change the descriptions of the fields to one wiki page instead of tooltips
  • glob will make the email address a link
  • we will wait on next iteration to try to hook up to mozillians