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Focus on Firefox Untriaged:

Let's walk through triage of a few bugs from each of these categories,

And record their bug numbers here: 938168

Kyle and Liz ended up talking about elastic search. This bug has a diagram that describes the project's architecture: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=879822. There's a presentation from a researcher which will be on airmozilla soon, about their developer dashboard which uses the public bugzilla data in Elastic Search. It sounds like this will be much faster than using the Bugzilla API.

We talked about triage and whether we can make queues of bugs that need triaging, bugs in progress, and bugs that are now "out of triaging". I have not really been able to answer this question in the last year. This might be helped by having many different queues for bugs in a triaging process. Here are some possible ones.

  • All unconfirmed bugs reported or modified in a particular, recent time period
  • All Firefox Untriaged bugs
  • All UNCO Firefox, Core, Toolkit bugs (that aren't FF Untriaged).
  • Bugs that have been triaged partly and have a specific thing they need done. testcase-wanted, steps-wanted, crash, topcrash