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What is it?

Bugs Ahoy! is a tool to help contributors find interesting, relevant bugs to work on without having to comb through pages of Bugzilla search results. It displays the same information as those Bugzilla searches, but in a more logical way that reflects a contributor's interests and skills.

For example, if a contributor is interested in working with "Graphics" (from a coding perspective), the relevant bugs from Core:Graphics, Core:Canvas 2D, and Core:Canvas: WebGL would be returned, as they are are related to graphics work.

How do bugs appear in it?

Bugs Ahoy performs bugzilla searches based on the several parameters:

  • every bug displayed is mentored (ie. the 'mentor' field is not empty)
  • whether the bug's product/component is in the list of products and components that relate to the contributor's interests

In addition, more and more mentors are including language annotations in bugs ([lang=...], where ... is one of c++, py, css, js, etc.). These are relevant, because Bugs Ahoy uses this data to filter the results of searches based on the contributor's indicated skills. Therefore, if a fix for a given bug will predominantly require using a specific language (or combination of languages, as multiple lang attributes are allowed), adding a lang annotation in a mentored bug's whiteboard will increase its visibility in Bugs Ahoy.

How can I add a component to Bugs Ahoy?

If you'd like your team's mentored and good first bugs to show up in Bugs Ahoy, great! You may want to first read over some advice:

For bugs in bugzilla.mozilla.org

Currently, tag bugs that have mentors as described above, and ask for your component to be added to bugs ahoy in the project's github issue queue. Or, you can go fork the code, add it, and submit a pull request.

For bugs in github

Add an issue to https://github.com/jdm/bugsahoy/issues/.

For an issue request, please include a url and a tag name to filter by ('mentored' is a good choice).

For a pull request, it just requires adding a new `addGithubComponentMapping' call.

How do I contribute to Bugs Ahoy?

You can grab the source, find a task that needs doing, and start hacking! Bugs Ahoy is very simple to play with - just visit the page on your harddrive from your webbrowser; you don't even need to set up a webserver.