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Help new people become active contributors (you can also help at a higher level).

Mentor a specific bug

You can offer to mentor someone who wants to take on a specific bug, by adding your Bugzilla username to the bug's mentor field.

You should also add a comment in the bug telling a new contributor:

  • how to get started with this bug,
  • what a completed solution should look like,
  • pointers to relevant information,
  • if the bug is not trivial:
    • how hard the bug is,
    • what resources they may need to implement the fix.

Finally, emailing a quick "thanks, ask me anything" to new contributors when they arrive will give them a warm fuzzy feeling, which we encourage.

Setting the mentor field on a bug will make it searchable in Bugzilla, but will also make it available in the Bugs Ahoy site.

Help a newbie on Bugzilla or IRC

There is a 'New to Bugzilla' tag next to people's names in Bugzilla who have just started using the system. Take a minute to answer a new user's question, provide a helpful pointer or just say something nice about how great it is they want to help.

Hang out in the #introduction channel and answer questions from new community members interested in development.

Respond to contribution inquiries

The Get Involved page asks people to contact us if they have any questions about how to get involved with Mozilla. We are looking for people to handle responses for their project areas, which means:

Contact david at mozilla dot org to help.

Never miss a comment from contributor

Other Mentor resources