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This specific REST API, generally referred to as "BzAPI", is DEPRECATED. For new projects, use the native REST API instead. The BMO team has implemented a compatibility layer to help existing apps transition off BzAPI onto the native REST API. Please migrate existing BzAPI-based apps to the new compatibility-layer endpoint as soon as possible, as BzAPI will be shut off at some point in the future. Direct any questions to the BMO team.

The native REST API is available in Bugzilla 5.0 and up, and on bugzilla.mozilla.org. Although BzAPI is deprecated, it can be used with older Bugzilla installations (versions prior to 5.0) to provide a REST API.

This page gives details of the configuration object returned by the Bugzilla:BzAPI, and its sub-objects.


  • The idea is that this object is designed for easy lookup of values, so there are a lot of hashes, keyed by name or ID, instead of arrays over which one would have to iterate.
  • This is also why many hashes are keyed by name rather than ID - it's because the name is more likely to be what the API user has. You are, of course, at liberty to transform the data structures to key off something else.
  • The use of hashes also gives forwards-compatibility. For example, if some fields became product or component-specific, we could add a "fields" member to the hash.
  • Classifications are not wrapped around their products in the same way that products are wrapped around their components because the use of classifications is optional, and this would make the top-level field name depend on whether they were switched on or not.

Open Questions

  • Are there any more params we should expose?
  • Is an "is_for_bugs" boolean the right way of doing the bug vs. attachment choice?
  • Does is_on_bug_entry make much sense if a Bugzilla has multiple bug entry templates?


Name Type Notes
version String Bugzilla version
maintainer User
announcement String HTML; something the Bugzilla admin wants users to know
max_attachment_size Integer In bytes; useful so clients can prevent large uploads which will fail
classification Hash of Classification, keyed by name Only if useclassifications set
product Hash of Product, keyed by name
group Hash of Group, keyed by name
flag_type Hash of FlagType, keyed by ID
field Hash of Field, keyed by name


Name Type Notes
id Integer
description String Textual description
product Array of String Product names


Name Type Notes
id Integer
description String Textual description
is_active Boolean Whether product is accepting new bugs and appears on normal lists of products
is_permitting_unconfirmed Boolean Whether product accepts submission of UNCONFIRMED bugs or allows bugs to be switched to that state
classification String Backreference because there is no nesting; only if useclassifications set
component Hash of Component, indexed by name
version Array of String Version names
target_milestone Array of String TM names; only if usetargetmilestone set
default_target_milestone String Default value for milestone field; only if usetargetmilestone set
group Array of String Names of groups settable on bugs in this product


Name Type Notes
id Integer
description String Textual description
flag_type Array of Integer IDs of flag types settable on bugs/attachments in this component


Name Type Notes
id Integer
description String
is_accepting_bugs Boolean False means no-one can put a bug into this group; this is not the same as the group being inactive
is_active Boolean


Name Type Notes
name String
description String
is_for_bugs Boolean False means "is for attachments"
is_requestable Boolean
is_specifically_requestable Boolean
is_multiplicable Boolean
request_group String Group name
grant_group String Group name


Name Type Notes
description String
is_active Boolean Whether field is currently used or not
type Integer, Enumeration FIELD_TYPE_* constants from Constants.pm; 0 means "unknown"
is_on_bug_entry Boolean XXX currently custom fields only
values Array of String Legal values for fields which have fixed set
default String Default value for bug entry, if Bugzilla specifies one
open Array of String 'status' field only - open statuses
closed Array of String 'status' field only - closed statuses
transitions Hash of Array of String, keyed by status name 'status' field only - for each status, a list of valid next statuses; "{Start}" key gives initial statuses