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Second IRC meeting: Tuesday, February 14th, 2006 at 19:00 GMT

If you were unable to attend, please read the log and give your feedback.

  • We haven't released 2.22rc1 and 2.20.1 yet. mkanat, our Release Manager, would really appreciate having an Assistant Release Manager.
  • Debian is going to keep patching 2.16 in their packages, but 2.16.11 will probably be our last official release.
  • We need more reviewers. If you'd like to be a Bugzilla reviewer, a good way to start is to find some really old review requests and do an informal review on them.
  • We need help triaging old review requests. Some reviewers are not active anymore. The reviewer list has been updated accordingly.
  • We could use a reviewer with LDAP experience who'd like to review a few patches. They can be informal reviews; just test the code and look it over for sanity. An official reviewer can do everything else.
  • We would like to have somebody be in charge of recruiting and welcoming new developers. Somebody who could make life as easy as possible for new Bugzilla developers and reviewers.
  • We need to organize a docs team again.
  • We could use some tests for correct SQL.
  • Performance issues are high priority for 3.0. As we've known for a long time, the two big performance issues are mod_perl and making BugMail faster in process_bug.cgi. mod_perl comes first, as our highest priority for 3.0. We also need a ->new_from_list() method for Product.pm and friends.
  • summarize_time.cgi could use some improvements, but nobody in particular stepped up to maintain it.
  • For the most part, we aren't going to remove any backwards-compatibility code for Bugzilla 3.0.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting was on Tuesday, February 28th in #bugzilla-meeting.