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12th IRC meeting: Tuesday, July 11th, 2006 at 18:00 GMT

  • Related to the recurrent lack of reviewers, getting reviews can be somewhat slow, even for trivial patches. It appears that most of the time, patches need on average 3-5 revisions, sometimes more (especially for new contributors), but also sometimes less (for some reviewers, most likely).
  • The questions are then: would it help more than it hurts to let some reviewers go and commit patches without requiring review first? Would this speed up development? Would this affect code quality and stability?
  • The Bugzilla product needs to run its own code (dogfood), i.e. we should have a separate bugzilla.bugzilla.org installation running the tip code.
  • We are going to have module owners. They will be allowed to commit to their own area without review (on the trunk only, and outside freezing periods. Patches for branches still require review + approval). This discussion will be internal to reviewers (the discussion won't be public). Actions to be taken are:
  1. get a list of components that need owners on the wiki (LpSolit)
  2. nominate people for ownership of said modules (reviewers + justdave for the final decision)
  3. update dependencies for bug 127876 - dogfood (justdave)
  4. write the new review policy (justdave)
  5. developer documentation is going to have to be updated to reflect all of this (mkanat)
  • Around September 1, we will decide if we postpone things which aren't ready for 3.0 or if we delay the freeze date to get them in.
  • Support for Oracle has been removed from the roadmap as the guy working on it has left the Oracle Corp.

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