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21st IRC meeting: Tuesday, November 14th, 2006 at 19:00 GMT

  • The log of the meeting is available here.
  • bugzilla.mozilla.org will be upgraded to 2.23.4 / 3.0 RC1 soon. This will, among other things, help us testing and debugging Bugzilla 3.0.
  • All blockers for 2.22.2 have been fixed. There are still 11 blockers for 3.0, among which 3 should be fixed before we release 2.23.4 (bug 304550, bug 319598 and bug 360710). The reason is that 2.23.4 will be feature complete, and so requires these 3 bugs to be fixed before we release it. So 2.23.4 can be seen as 3.0 beta (and "beta" means not to be used in production).
  • 2.22.2 is essentially a bugfix release due to incompatibilities in Template Toolkit 2.15 with previous versions of TT. This newer version of TT was breaking editgroups.cgi (2.22.1 and 2.23.3) and editfields.cgi (2.23.3 only) for Windows installations. This release also fixes an issue with MySQL 5.0.25+, where some internal rules changed, breaking the way our DB schema works. If you use neither Template Toolkit 2.15 nor MySQL 5.0.25+, you will see no major difference between 2.22.1 and 2.22.2. :)
  • 2.22.2 and 2.23.4 will be released at the same time, hopefully this month.
  • The trunk is now frozen. No new enhancement will be taken for 3.0. All enhancement bugs will be retargetted to 3.2 or later. Bug fixes and documentation updates are still accepted, though. We will unfreeze the trunk when Bugzilla 3.0 RC1 is released, i.e. around mid-December (if everything goes well).
  • Several external modules required by Bugzilla 3.0 are not yet available in major distros (such as RHEL). We will build a RPM repository with all the missing packages till they are widely available.
  • bugzilla.mozilla.org now has a "WebService" component in the "Bugzilla" product. If you want to track activities in this component, add webservice@bugzilla.bugs to your watching list.
  • We never filed so many bugs (3) during a meeting. ;)