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  1. Summary of the last meeting.
  2. More admin changes.
    • mcote appointed Assistant Project Lead
    • simon stepped down from being an approver
    • glob appointed Assistant Project Lead
  3. Road map and getting 5.0 out.
    • Road map for 5.0 updated. Bugs that should be included in 5.0 are flagged with [roadmap: 5.0] in the whiteboard (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/buglist.cgi?list_id=9955145&resolution=---&resolution=DUPLICATE&status_whiteboard_type=allwordssubstr&query_format=advanced&status_whiteboard=%5Broadmap%3A%205.0%5D&product=Bugzilla)
    • GSoC students working on a couple of 5.0 items (comment markdown, YUI3), which will be complete in August.
    • Aiming for feature completion in mid- to late August.
    • Native REST complete for 5.0. Trying to get BzAPI compatibility and API key support in as well.
    • More general, future road map at Bugzilla:Roadmap, not pegged to versions, loose priorities, separated into functional categories.
    • Comment from simon on review time expectations; reviews can take a very long time.
      • mcote noted that it is difficult for installation-specific developers to find time to do reviews for features that aren't important to them. The upstream reviewer pool is too small (because of small dev pool). However, BMO devs will catch up on their reviews this quarter.
      • A guaranteed review time is not feasible at this time.
      • Might have been too strict on nominating reviewers; maybe train reviewers as we train developers. No reviewer is perfect. Imperfect designs/implementations can actually be venues for new contributions.
    • Increase good-first-bug pool. Add to Bugs Ahoy.
    • Increase visibility.
    • Simon notes that there are 2300 open bugs.
      • Have a triage party. Where applicable, WONTFIX or designate as more appropriate as extensions by moving to Extension Ideas component.
  4. UI direction
    • Bugzilla Pretty winner: WONTFIX. Lots of work, lots of breaking changes to extensions.
      • It was only a UI redesign, no UX improvements, which is more desirable. UI can largely be addressed by CSS changes. Revisit more radical (in UX terms) Bugzilla Pretty entries.
    • Have a discussion on UX in another meeting.
    • Sandstone skin to be added upstream.
    • Novell's new design is based on Sandstone. f1sh could help out migration to upstream (bug 988971).
  5. Web site.
    • Still haven't moved to a CMS. bug 891260 stalled on where to set up WordPress. Lot of work to move everything over, but not super technical.
    • Git repo created; we can move CVS source over there, or just migrate directly to a CMS. mcote will bump bug along.
  6. Meetings.
    • Monthly meetings, on Vidyo/Air Mozilla at same time, 4th Wednesday of each month.
  7. Updating community page.
    • Move all inactive contributors to former contributors section.
    • Rename "developers" to "contributors" to be more inclusive.
    • Remove the "too ugly for a photo" placeholder pictures.
    • Consider linking to GitHub developers page.
    • Add Simon to current contributors.
  8. Other items.
    • Moving CI from Tinderbox to Travis + GitHub mirror.
    • Develop a tool to move GitHub pull requests over to Bugzilla.
    • Punt discussion on documentation over to next meeting.