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When a task or more are failing on Try and the developer is asking for "Purge the worker cache"

Decision tasks are failing on try with "abort: cannot enable sparse profile on existing non-sparse checkout" Can someone purge the worker cache?

you need to do the following :

1. Open Treeherder
2. Check the Try for the failed task
3. Open the link from the developer ( if he provided any, if not check the Try, open the failed task and check with the developer if that is the one )
4. Go to Actions > Purge Worker Cache

Worker cache.png

5. Ask a Sheriff to re-trigger it
6. Check if the issue still persists.

What happens when you push the button "Purge Worker Cache" ?

By clicking on Purge Worker Cache, the next time when the worker takes a job, it will see that it should purge the cache ( related to that task ) and it will delete it. The job will start from scratch.

Usually, the cache is used to make the task quicker.

Here you can find more info about Caching on workers.