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Room Link:

  • Upcoming vacation/PTO:
    • coop: Mon Feb 22 - Tue Mar 8 - vacation
    • Vlad: below you can find the vacation for first Q1 of year
      • 18,19 February
      • 14 - 18 March
    • Alin: Tue Apr 5 - Fri Apr 8 - vacation
    • Florin: Mon Feb 15 - Fri Feb 26 - in Las Vegas with the Engineering QA team (at work)

Meetings every Wednesday

  • kmoir additional bugs
  • Nightly mozilla-central builds of graphene

  • This mana page describes all the releng clusters Are there any services that you interact with that are missing? (We are preparing to moving these systems and incorporating a standard deployment scenario)

  • could start working on patches for this bug to disable linux32 builds and tests since disabling b2g tests is almost done

-vlad is working on this

  • How is work on this going?

Old revisions of android tests were scheduled (kmoir asked for a staging db to be setup for you - now available)

11.02.2016 - 17.02.2016

disable linux32 -in progress

bug created for windows 7 slaves that were down

tested, uploaded patch

started working on it

briefly looked in the logs for failed/busted/ graphene builds, will dig more this afternoon

from coop: slave loan is low priority

[16.02.2016 - already discussed about these]

tried to figure out if there is something missing on the patch that I submitted the nightly builds failed for all three platforms (see only the linux build can be found on and this one also seems to have issues I received a needinfo from Paul Rouget regarding this, but I haven’t found anything up until now (